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  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 2

    The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 2Dreams DeferredThe story of the post Black Swan years. We follow Harry’s Supreme Court battle to desegregate the South Side of Chicago, and then the mysterious decision which forces him into seclusion, before his untimely death.The Vanishing of… 3 days ago, 19 Jun 21, 3:00am

  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 1

    The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 1The Rise and Fall of Black SwanIt was Motown before Motown, FUBU before FUBU: Black Swan Records, the record company founded by Harry Pace.The Vanishing of Harry Pace was created by Jad Abumrad and Shima OliaeeHarry Pace founded Black Swan Record… 4 days ago, 18 Jun 21, 9:00am

  • Breath

    BreathWe’ve just barely made it to the other side of a year that took our collective breaths away. So more than ever we felt that this was the time to go deep on life’s rhythmic dance partner. Today we huff and we puff through a whole stack of stories… 10 days ago, 11 Jun 21, 10:17pm

  • The Rhino Hunter

    The Rhino HunterBack in 2014, Corey Knowlton paid $350,000 for a hunting trip to Namibia to shoot and kill an endangered species.  He’s a professional hunter, who guides hunts all around the world, so going to Africa would be nothing new.  The target on the othe… 25 days ago, 27 May 21, 10:09pm

  • The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub

    The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream TubThis episode, a tale of a wonder drug that will make you wonder about way more than just drugs.  Doctor-reporter Avir Mitra follows the epic and fantastical journey of a molecule dug out of a distant patch of dirt that would go on to make billions… 32 days ago, 21 May 21, 11:58am

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