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  • How the Debut Authors of 2020 Are Coping
     <spoiler>By Adrienne Johnson</spoiler><spoiler>Goodreads Contributor </spoiler>David Heska Wanbli Weiden knew just what he’d be doing as the August launch of his debut novel, Winter Counts, was approaching. He’d gotten a sabbatical from…
    - 11 days ago, 9 Oct 20, 11:38pm -
  • Celebrate the Horror Genre on Goodreads!
      Whether you love the horror genre or just tiptoe into it ahead of Halloween, we have book picks for every level of scared you want to be!   48 Books That Scared the Bejesus Out of Readers We asked. You answered…
    - 16 days ago, 5 Oct 20, 4:37pm -
  • 48 Books That Scared the Bejesus Out of Readers

    - 16 days ago, 5 Oct 20, 4:35pm -
  • The 40 Most Popular Horror Novels of the Last 5 Years
    It’s October, which means it’s the perfect time to scare yourself with a truly unsettling book. But if you’re a casual reader of dread and terror, you may have missed some of the most popular recent novels of the genre—the ones that wi…
    - 16 days ago, 5 Oct 20, 4:35pm -
  • Journalist Maria Hinojosa Shares the Books That Helped Her Trust Her Voice
     Award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa’s highly anticipated new book, Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America, arrives in the U.S. on September 15. In it, the founder of the nonprofit Futuro Media shares her experience…
    - 26 days ago, 25 Sep 20, 4:05pm -
  • The Big Mysteries and Thrillers of Fall
    It’s time to turn your attention to something dark and twisty, to a story (or two or three) so engaging, the pages just fly by. In short, it’s time to lose yourself in an utterly engrossing new mystery or thriller.To assist y…
    - 26 days ago, 24 Sep 20, 9:34pm -
  • 48 New Paperbacks to Pick Up Now
    There's something great about a paperback book: They're perfect book club choices, you can throw them in your bag and go, and they've been out in stores and libraries long enough that you can peek at your fellow readers' reviews of…
    - 28 days ago, 22 Sep 20, 9:59pm -
  • Justin A. Reynolds Shares the Black Teen Stories That Give Him 'All the Feels'
     Justin A. Reynolds burst onto the YA scene last year with his debut book Opposite of Always, a heartfelt novel about love and friendship (with a time loop thrown in!) that was nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Awards in the Contemporary…
    - 46 days ago, 4 Sep 20, 9:07pm -

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  • Reader Review: "The Exiles"
    by Tired Bookreader (Florida): Every year, there is one book that sticks out as an excellent read; one that stays with you and you think of often; the story never leaves you. This book, about very strong women under challenging circumstances and how…
    - 6 days ago, 15 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "Vampires in the Lemon Grove"
    by Alexia (Perú): For such a young writer, Karen Russell has shown imagination and a freshness of writing that separates her from her peers. Since receiving her MFA in fiction from Columbia, Russell received the "5 Under 35" award in 2009 from the N…
    - 7 days ago, 14 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "Burial Rites"
    by Sandi W. (Illinois): I like historical fiction in general, but I really liked this story. Add mystery on top of historical fiction and that made it all the better. This was based on a true story, and even some names and places are actual, while ot…
    - 12 days ago, 9 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "The Vanishing Half"
    by Sandi W (Illinois): We all know that our past helps to dictate our future. We can run from our past, turn our backs on people and places from the past, disavow our past in many ways, but still it remains. Everyday of our life stays with us, includ…
    - 12 days ago, 9 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires"
    by Karen: 3.5 stars. This book started out strong for me. I'm familiar with Mt. Pleasant South Carolina where the characters live, which made it easy to visualize. The book club read a lot of books that I have read. So it brought back memories of bo…
    - 13 days ago, 8 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "Leave the World Behind"
    by Lorri (Pompton Lakes): This book! Alam has managed to write a perfect COVID-era book that is not about COVID, but the desire to keep what we love safe in times of terrible uncertainty and coming away with no good answers. Harrowing is the word I k…
    - 14 days ago, 7 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "Piranesi"
    by Anna Maria Rowe (Brantford): This is one of the most cinematic books I have ever read. It is a feat of imagination. Be prepared to expand your mind a little before you start this. It challenges perceptions of reality and identity. It's going to ta…
    - 20 days ago, 1 Oct 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "The Winemaker's Wife"
    by Joyce Clark: We lived in France for 5 years and visited Épernay and the champagne region as often as we could. The author captured the passion and even the smell of this incredible region. The bravery and strength of the Resistance came to life t…
    - 24 days ago, 27 Sep 20, 11:00am -