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  • 32 Short, New Books to Help You CRUSH Your Reading Challenge
    Someday, this year will end! And with the ringing in of 2021, we will come to the end of this year's Goodreads Reading Challenge. Of course, there's still plenty of time this year to unplug, find someplace comfy, and get lost in a…
    - 4 days ago, 24 Nov 20, 5:08pm -
  • Goodreads Members Suggest: Favorite Very Quick Reads
    Did you set an extremely ambitious Reading Challenge goal back in January? And has this, uh, unprecedented year gotten completely in the way of meeting your goal?Never fear; we're here for you! We asked our followers on Twitter and…
    - 9 days ago, 20 Nov 20, 12:45am -
  • Michiko Kakutani's Gift Guide Book Recommendations
       51151753Pulitzer Prize–winning literary critic Michiko Kakutani, the former chief book critic of The New York Times, is the author of the newly released Ex Libris: 100+ Books to Read and Reread, a collection of 100 personal, thought-prov…
    - 15 days ago, 13 Nov 20, 8:42pm -
  • Great Books to Give the Kids This Holiday!
     Tami Charles is a former teacher and the author of picture books, middle grade and young adult novels, and nonfiction. As a teacher, she made it her mission to introduce her students to all types of literature, but especially diverse books.  H…
    - 15 days ago, 13 Nov 20, 8:38pm -
  • Time Travel with These 15 YA Historical Fiction Novels
      Kids these days! Protesting injustice, sassing their elders, and sometimes saving the world. So...pretty much like kids during any other time period?If you're a fan of young adult novels set in the past, 2020 offers some amazing reads fro…
    - 23 days ago, 6 Nov 20, 12:55am -
  • Readers' Most Anticipated Books of November
      “One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” Carl Sagan said that, and it’s good policy to pay attention to what Sagan says about anything.…
    - 31 days ago, 28 Oct 20, 4:41pm -
  • It's Time to Choose the Best Books of 2020!
     Let your voice be heard! We need your help selecting the best books of the year during the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards, our 12th annual event where readers select the best-of-the-best books across 20 categories.As you've rated your favor…
    - 33 days ago, 27 Oct 20, 1:19am -
  • November's Most Anticipated Young Adult Reads
    As dedicated readers already know, some of the best and most innovative stories on the shelves come from the constantly evolving realm of young adult fiction. Every month our team looks at the books being published and how they're resonat…
    - 33 days ago, 26 Oct 20, 3:51pm -

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  • Reader Review: "The Mountains Sing"
    by Babs: I was overcome with emotion at how profoundly moving I found The Mountains Sing by Nguyen Phan Que Mai. Lyrical prose filled with images that will forever change how I view lives so vastly different than my own. I always viewed the tragedy o…
    - 19 days ago, 9 Nov 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "All the Devils Are Here"
    by Vivian H (Winchester, VA): Armand & Reine-Marie find murder, intrigue, heartache and betrayal while in Paris awaiting the birth of Annie's & Jean -Guy's second child. While I missed the eclectic residents of Three Pines, this book did not disappo…
    - 20 days ago, 8 Nov 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead"
    by Margot P (Mandeville, LA): I went back and forth between 4 or 5 stars but decided on 5 as I have never quite read anything like this. It is comedic, tragic, mysterious, weird but very engrossing and beautifully written. I totally did not see the e…
    - 24 days ago, 4 Nov 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "Caste"
    by CarolT: Wilkerson's easy to read prose kept me reading, but the topic kept me up nights. Everything she says is true. So, when I wonder about a "lower caste" person's promotion, am I wondering because she really isn't as qualified as other candida…
    - 27 days ago, 1 Nov 20, 11:00am -
  • Reader Review: "The Exiles"
    by Sonia Francis (Freehold NJ): After reading A Piece Of The World, Christina Baker Kline did not disappoint with her research on the Australian Aborigines, the penal colony and the way the British in the 1800's felt about the Aborigines, albeit , ne…
    - 43 days ago, 16 Oct 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "Vampires in the Lemon Grove"
    by Alexia (Perú): For such a young writer, Karen Russell has shown imagination and a freshness of writing that separates her from her peers. Since receiving her MFA in fiction from Columbia, Russell received the "5 Under 35" award in 2009 from the N…
    - 45 days ago, 14 Oct 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "The Vanishing Half"
    by Sandi W (Illinois): We all know that our past helps to dictate our future. We can run from our past, turn our backs on people and places from the past, disavow our past in many ways, but still it remains. Everyday of our life stays with us, includ…
    - 50 days ago, 9 Oct 20, 12:00pm -
  • Reader Review: "Burial Rites"
    by Sandi W. (Illinois): I like historical fiction in general, but I really liked this story. Add mystery on top of historical fiction and that made it all the better. This was based on a true story, and even some names and places are actual, while ot…
    - 50 days ago, 9 Oct 20, 12:00pm -