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  • Grow Taller Using Insole Gadgets
      Research indicates a possible link between height and confidence. But also, society sees people that are an inch taller than the rest as happier, better and superior. Appearing taller
    - 28 Aug 18, 6:50pm -
  • Why Shower Filters are Good for Your Health
    Shower Filter The best shower filter performs multiple functions of water filtering, hardness removal, disinfection, energizing, and natural medication. They relax the mind and body into the perfect state of
    - 26 Jun 18, 6:33pm -
  • Comcast Now Offering Mesh Network Pods from Plume for $120+
    Good news Comcast customers. You can now enjoy the fruits of Mesh WiFi Routing. What is mesh? It’s the new way to connect to the Web in your home. That’s
    - 22 May 18, 3:26am -
  • 3 of the Best Hoverboards Money Can Buy
    If you’re thinking about buying a hoverboard for the first time or if you are new to these personal transports and are unsure what to buy, don’t worry, Gadget Review
    - 28 Apr 18, 9:23pm -
  • What Are Some Good Sources of Calcium for My Dog?
    Why is Calcium Important for Dogs? Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs and humans alike. It’s responsible for conducting electrical impulses, sending signals, contracting muscles (especially the heart), not
    - 24 Apr 18, 1:56am -
  • Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set
    Consistently brew a delicious cup of coffee with the Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set. Designed for all levels of coffee makers, the pour-over set makes it easy to brew
    - 17 Apr 18, 12:36pm -
  • Nighthawk X6 Review
      The first feature that attracts your attention to the Netgear Nighthawk X6 is its three distinct Wi-Fi bands with varying frequencies and speed limits. It has one 2.4GHZ (600MBPS)
    - 17 Apr 18, 12:49am -
  • Pavel Vetrov Olly Designer Writing Desk
    Stylishly organize your workspace with the Pavel Vetrov Olly Designer Writing Desk. The writing desk comes with a compact drawer that conveniently sits right in the middle. It opens and
    - 6 Apr 18, 8:20am -


Boing Boing

  • The surprising musical influences of Fugazi's Ian MacKaye
    I love it when you discover the often surprising musical influences of your favorite musicians. Years ago, when I was writing for Mondo 2000, I interview Trent Reznor. During the interview, I asked him who some of his favorite artists were. — Read…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 11:30pm -
  • Why are Japanese animators forced to live in poverty?
    In this eye-opening piece in The New York Times, they ask the question: If the Japanese anime industry is booming, why are so many of its animators only earning as little as $200/month?Thousands of lower-rung illustrators do grueling piecework fo…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 11:29pm -
  • Illuminated Editions: modern artists reinvent classic books
    I'm a huge fan of Beehive Books, which creates illuminated editions of classic books illustrated by contemporary artists. They are doing a Kickstarter for a new series of three books:KWAIDAN & SHADOWINGS by Lafcadio Hearn, illustrated by Kent Wi…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 11:25pm -
  • Good price on a 12-pack of bar towels
    A set of twelve white terrycloth 16 x 9 inch bar towels (aka bar mops) are on sale on Amazon right now for a good price. They come in other colors, too, but cost a bit more.
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 9:56pm -
  • Reddit is down and Gamestop is up. Coincidence?
    [UPDATE 2-24-2021 1:52pm PT: It's back up]Reddit isn't loading right now, and GME stock is surging in after-hours trading. Are the two related?
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 9:48pm -
  • Here are free plans for a flat-pack desk
    Will Holman is the executive director at a nonprofit makerspace in Baltimore called Open Works. He let me know about a cool desk they've designed for low-income students learning from home:We spent four months of Covid-related shutdown mak…
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 9:44pm -
  • Create your own home office with a portable desk divider that's $20 off
    Sure, working from home was great for a while, but if you are finally feeling like you want to take back some of your privacy, that is totally understandable.Right now, The Fort: Freestanding Divider for Desks is on sale for $265, down from $285…
    - 14 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 9:00pm -
  • Should mainstream media invite the GQP on their shows? Yes, says Meidas Touch host, and this is how
    When Ben Meiselas of the Meidas Touch Podcast tried to watch the Sunday news, he says "it was like a fucking Greatest Hits of all the Big Lie Trump supporters who all of the mainstream media brought on and basically let them spew these lies unc…
    - 14 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 8:22pm -


  • Australian Parliament passes law that requires Google, Facebook to pay for news
    The Australian law that makes it mandatory for companies like Google and Facebook to pay for news they use is ready to be enforced. Australia's Parliament has passed the final amendments to the News Media Bargaining Code, and according to AP, the…
    - 4 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 6:21am -
  • 'Cyberpunk 2077' patch delayed as developers reportedly can't access their VPN
    Earlier today, CD Projekt Red announced that the second major patch for Cyberpunk 2077 will be delayed until late March, and it cited a recent ransomware attack as well as the patch's extensive scope as reasons why. The company didn't go into…
    - 7 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 3:47am -
  • Nickelodeon builds on Aang's adventures with Avatar Studios project
    Fans of award-winning animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel, The Legend of Korra, are in for a treat. ViacomCBS execs announced on Wednesday that its subsidiary, Nickelodeon, will launch a new production studio dedicated to expand…
    - 11 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 12:06am -
  • 'Star Trek: Prodigy' will debut on Paramount+ before airing on Nickelodeon
    When CBS first shared details on Star Trek: Prodigy last year, it should it would premiere on Nickelodeon. That’s no longer the case. The computer-animated series for kids will now instead debut on Paramount+ later this year. Only once it completes…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 11:34pm -
  • Paramount+ snags long-awaited 'Halo' TV series from Showtime
    First announced all the way back in 2013, the highly anticipated Halo television series, based on the megahit Xbox game franchise is finally set to premiere in the first quarter of 2022. But don't go signing up for a Showtime subscription just ye…
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 11:06pm -
  • Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile spent $78 billion on C-band spectrum for 5G
    The Federal Communications Commission has shared the results of its long-awaited C-band spectrum auction. A company called Cellco Partnership, better known as Verizon (Engadget's parent company), came away from the proceedings the clear winner. I…
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 10:55pm -
  • Paramount+ will cost $5 per month with ads, or $10 without
    On March 4th, ViacomCBS will transform CBS All Access into Paramount+, but first it's telling investors all the details about its new streaming plans, similar to events we saw before Disney, HBO and Comcast all launched their respective internet.…
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 10:42pm -
  • AMD will announce its next Radeon RX 6000 GPU on March 3rd
    Excited to learn about more GPUs you probably won’t be able to buy anytime soon? Us too. And thankfully AMD is about to oblige. After promising at CES it had more desktop GPUs on the way for the first half of the year, the company announced today i…
    - 14 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 8:51pm -


  • Nikon Z6, Z7 Could Be The Company’s Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras
    Nikon has been teasing the upcoming announcement for their new mirrorless cameras which is set for an official reveal on the 23rd of August. In terms of branding, it is unclear as to what Nikon could be calling these new devices, but according to Nik…
    - 14 Aug 18, 1:03am -
  • Nintendo Uses Classic NES Games To Promote Its Switch Online Service
    Nintendo Switch’s online service will be launching in the second half of September and we’re sure that there are some gamers who might be a little hesitant to get on board. However Nintendo has recently started to promote its upcoming online serv…
    - 14 Aug 18, 1:02am -
  • Apple Supplier Reportedly Gearing Up For Production Of New MacBooks
    According to the rumors, Apple is expected to launch an updated MacBook Air later this year. Given how long it has been since Apple refreshed its MacBook Air, we suppose this makes sense. Now in a report from DigiTimes (via Cult of Mac), it seems tha…
    - 14 Aug 18, 1:02am -
  • World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Is Now Live
    If the Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft is something that you’ve been looking forward to, you will be pleased to learn that the expansion is now live. This will be the latest expansion for World of Warcraft and it also marks the s…
    - 14 Aug 18, 1:01am -
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Now Available For $120
    One of the rumors leading up to the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was that Samsung could have a new wireless charger in the works for the phone and other Samsung devices. The Note 9 has since been launched and if you’re interes…
    - 14 Aug 18, 1:00am -
  • This Is How Much Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Could Cost
    Apple’s products have never been known to be cheap/affordable, and neither are their official accessories. This is why when we heard the rumors that the AirPower wireless charging mat could be priced at $200, we can’t say that we were surprised.…
    - 13 Aug 18, 11:16pm -
  • Apple’s Group FaceTime Feature’s Launch Has Been Delayed
    One of the new features that Apple announced in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave is Group FaceTime calls. In case the name wasn’t already obvious, basically this allows users to make FaceTime calls together in a group, whereas in the past it was limited to…
    - 13 Aug 18, 11:15pm -
  • iOS 12 Beta 7 Pulled Over Reports Of Sluggish Performance
    If you were thinking of checking out iOS 12’s beta 7 release, you might want to take note that the beta has since been pulled. This is following reports from users who have been complaining about sluggish performance in the latest version of the be…
    - 13 Aug 18, 11:14pm -

The Wirecutter

  • The Best Laptop Under $500
    Lots of laptops cost less than $500, but it’s hard to find a cheap one that doesn’t totally suck. We’ve researched and tested hundreds of cheap Windows laptops and Chromebooks over the years to find decent models, and we also have a…
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 10:40pm -
  • The Best Car Phone Mount
    We’ve driven for hundreds of hours with more than 50 phone mounts in multiple cars—including 20 hours as a Lyft driver, picking up and dropping off passengers on unfamiliar roads—and we’re sure the iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 has the b…
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 10:35pm -
  • Our Favorite Mechanical Keyboards
    If you spend most of your day typing or coding, a mechanical keyboard is a worthwhile upgrade over a cheaper, less comfortable keyboard. After spending months testing 19 of the most promising options, we found that the Varmilo VA87M is th…
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 10:04pm -
  • The Best Foam Rollers
    Foam rolling: These days, it seems like everybody’s doing it. A growing body of research and bodywork pros—physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers alike—extol the soft-tissue benefits of self-massage for impro…
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 9:21pm -
  • The Best Smart Garage Door Opener Controller
    If you’ve ever arrived home only to discover you left the garage door open all day, then you should get a smart garage-door opener controller. These small devices connect to your existing garage-door opener, and they allow you to open o…
    - 15 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 7:19pm -
  • The Best Kitchen Scale
    A good kitchen scale just might be your secret weapon for consistent cookies, perfectly risen bread, or a lofty souffle. It gets your baking down to a science, offering precision that rivals the best measuring cups and spoons. After years…
    - 17 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 6:08pm -
  • The Best Online Cloud Backup Service
    Every cloud backup service we tested is a pain to use for one reason or another, but we still recommend using one. A good backup system starts with a local backup, but it should end with a subscription to an online backup service. After y…
    - 17 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 6:02pm -
  • How to Manage PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Privacy Settings
    Modern video game consoles offer sophisticated social experiences, and they’re designed to be connected to the internet just about all the time in order to deliver them. Like other always-connected devices, including phones and TVs, the…
    - 17 hours ago, 24 Feb 21, 5:47pm -

Gadgets and Gizmos

  • PS5 Unveiling; Sony Invites You to the Future of Gaming
    There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, and lots more gaming taking place too. Gamers the world over have been pondering whether the PS5 might be delayed; something Sony themselves were quick to quash as they gave assurances the PS5 woul…
    - 31 May 20, 6:55am -
  • 10 Things you could buy instead of the Apple iPhone X
    Before we go down this road I want to say I’ve nothing against Apple, in fact I have an iPhone 7 but cannot for the life of me understand how the base iPhone X is £999. With that in mind I’ve done some research into 10 things you could buy inste…
    - 3 Nov 17, 10:42pm -
  • Wera Advent-Calender 2017; Tools to turn the biggest grinch around
    It’s a little early for me personally to embrace Christmas; but I am willing to start talking about advent calendars and gifts for those who like to be ready. This week I received the 2017 Wera advent calendar and it looks awesome and has already t…
    - 3 Nov 17, 9:00pm -
  • Fidget Spinners – stress relief, fad, menace or health magic bullet?
    The meteoric rise of fidget spinners in 2017 has surprised many, including me. These palm sized contraptions, fitted with bearings to make them spin, are hugely popular in the playground and are becoming more commonplace in the work environment. But…
    - 27 May 17, 8:24pm -
  • Apple iPhone 8 – News on dates, specs, prices and rumours
    It’s nearly that time again; that time when Apple dim the lights and unveil their new flagship iPhone. The internet has been buzzing with rumours ranging from mediocre to bat shit crazy and I’ve been pretty slow in gathering these together. But h…
    - 26 May 17, 8:49pm -
  • What Are the Snapchat Sunglasses All About?
    The release of new Snapchat sunglasses has raised more than a few eyebrows. So what are these glasses all about? Well, they have been described as being a bit like Google Glass, although they are a good deal cheaper and more limited in what they can…
    - 13 Dec 16, 5:41pm -
  • Samsung Considering Facial Tracking for Gear VR
    The battle for virtual reality supremacy has really warmed up in recent times. While the Samsung VR gear is widely seen as being an affordable option, there are other VR headsets that are regarded as being of higher technical quality. However, news o…
    - 7 Dec 16, 5:35pm -
  • Nike Self-Tying Sneakers Now on Sale
    Those of us who love Back to the Future have been craving self-tying sneakers for a long time. Well, provided that you have a healthy bank account then you can now get hold of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 trainers. They only cost a mere £575, which some…
    - 5 Dec 16, 5:27pm -

Slash Gear

  • Starlink speeds could be boosted by ongoing system upgrades
    Almost all of Elon Musk’s endeavors and dreams have proven to be controversial but most of them prove themselves in the long run. While The Boring Company has still to bear any usable fruit and Neuralink is still too early in its infancy, SpaceX’…
    - 5 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 5:16am -
  • Nickelodeon Avatar Studios to expand popular animated franchise
    You know you made it big when you get your own live-action film and new studio just for you. Although The Last Airbender film adaptation was largely considered a terrible flop, the franchise it was built on still has a strong following that is eagerl…
    - 6 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 4:36am -
  • Steam is stepping up its controller support game for developers
    Once upon a time, Steam envisioned homes with a Steam Machine gaming box in their living rooms. The idea of playing PC games on such a large screen and on the comfort of your couch would have gone well if not for the fact that most PC games are desig…
    - 7 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 3:39am -
  • OPPO X 2021 rollable phone details revealed at MWC Shanghai
    While the fate of the LG Rollable is still undecided, OPPO’s own take on the rather exotic phone form factor is, at least officially, not headed to the market. Ironically, it is also the one that seems to actually be ready for production. At MWC Sh…
    - 8 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 2:31am -
  • BioWare Anthem NEXT is no more, focus on existing franchises
    BioWare made a name for its self with its Dungeons & Dragons games but it did have a few original IPs of its own even back then. The game dev studio made a big bang with its new properties Dragon Age and Mass Effect but, after three major games each,…
    - 9 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 2:01am -
  • Old Google Pay in the US will become useless in April
    It isn’t exactly out of the ordinary that Google retires an app or service in favor of a new one. Often, but not always, it waits for the new version to at least be ready for the all old users to switch to. That didn’t actually happen smoothly in…
    - 9 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 1:42am -
  • Samsung Exynos with AMD Radeon GPU could come in a laptop first
    Although Qualcomm and, to some extent, Rockchip, have long been on some laptops running Windows and Chrome OS, respectively, the arrival of the Apple Silicon M1 showed how the market for ARM-based desktops and laptops is still wide open to competitio…
    - 9 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 1:21am -
  • Fortnite Predator crossover gets more interesting with Xenomorph tease
    Epic added a Predator skin to its battle royale game a few weeks ago, allowing players to battle it out as one of the universe’s more fearsome hunters. Now, at least based on a new leak and a teaser, it seems that crossover will get a bit more inte…
    - 10 hours ago, 25 Feb 21, 1:02am -