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  • PHP 8.0 Brings Major (And Breaking) Changes to a 25-Year-Old Language
    "PHP version 8.0 has arrived, bringing with it a major update to the 25-year-old programming language..." writes Tech Republic. New language features include the nullsafe operator and attributes (commonly known as annotations in other languages) to…
    - 2 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 5:34pm -
  • The Pope Praises Medical Workers, Criticizes 'Personal Freedom' Protests
    More Americans travelled Wednesday than on any other day in the last eight months — 1.1 million Americans — continuing the country's long-standing annual tradition of gathering to give thanks. The same week the Pope apparently felt compelled to…
    - 3 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 4:34pm -
  • America's Top Court Strikes Down Covid-19 Restriction On Religious Groups
    DevNull127 writes: Earlier this year the governor's order had "restricted the size of religious gatherings in certain areas of New York where infection rates were climbing," reports the New York Times. But Wednesday night (in a close 5 to 4 decision)…
    - 4 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 3:34pm -
  • Chinese Police Have Seized $4.2 Billion Cryptos from PlusToken Ponzi Crackdown
    Crypto assets worth more than $4.2 billion have been seized by Chinese police during the massive PlusToken Ponzi scheme crackdown, according to a new court ruling. From a report: In a November 19 judgment made public on Thursday, the Jiangsu Yancheng…
    - 7 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 12:30pm -
  • A Hacker is Selling Access To the Email Accounts of Hundreds of C-Level Executives
    A threat actor is currently selling passwords for the email accounts of hundreds of C-level executives at companies across the world. From a report: The data is being sold on a closed-access underground forum for Russian-speaking hackers named Exploi…
    - 9 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 10:00am -
  • Developer Successfully Virtualizes Windows for Arm on M1 Mac
    Developer Alexander Graf has successfully virtualized the Arm version of Windows on an M1 Mac, proving that the M1 chip is capable of running Microsoft's operating system. From a report: Currently, Macs with the M1 chip do not support Windows and the…
    - 12 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 7:30am -
  • Facebook's Libra Currency To Launch Next Year in Limited Format
    The long-awaited Facebook-led digital currency Libra is preparing to launch as early as January, Financial Times reported Friday, citing three people involved in the initiative, but in an even more limited format than its already downgraded vision. F…
    - 14 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 5:00am -
  • FCC Maintains Ban on Mobile Phone Voice Calls During Flights
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission killed a proposal to allow in-flight voice calls via mobile phones, ending its examination of an idea that evoked fears of air rage from passengers trapped beside jabbering seat mates. From a report: The ide…
    - 17 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 2:30am -
  • Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal
    Amazon has embarked on an extraordinary hiring binge this year, vacuuming up an average of 1,400 new workers a day and solidifying its power as online shopping becomes more entrenched in the coronavirus pandemic. From a report: The hiring has taken p…
    - 20 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 11:31pm -
  • Microsoft's 'Project Latte' Aims To Bring Android Apps To Windows 10
    Windows Central reports: Microsoft is working on a software solution that would allow app developers to bring their Android apps to Windows 10 with little to no code changes by packaging them as an MSIX and allowing developers to submit them to the M…
    - 21 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 10:05pm -
  • Amazon and Apple 'Not Playing Their Part' in Tackling Electronic Waste
    Global giants such as Amazon and Apple should be made responsible for helping to collect, recycle and repair their products to cut the 155,000 tonnes of electronic waste being thrown away each year in the UK, MPs say. From a report: An investigation…
    - 22 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 9:05pm -
  • WHO Says Would be 'Highly Speculative' To Say COVID Did Not Emerge in China
    The World Health Organization's top emergency expert said on Friday it would be "highly speculative" for the WHO to say the coronavirus did not emerge in China, where it was first identified in a food market in December last year. From a report: Chin…
    - 23 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 8:06pm -


  • How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile worked without becoming the joke
    In the past decade, celebrity interest and investment in tech companies has significantly increased. But not all celebrity investments are created equally. Some investors, like Ashton Kutcher, have prioritized the VC pursuits. Some have invested casu…
    - 4 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 3:00pm -
  • Original Content podcast: Just don’t watch Netflix’s ‘Holidate’ with your parents
    You might think that a new Netflix film called “Holidate” offers holiday-themed romance that’s perfect for a family watch party. You’d be wrong. The film stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as a pair of strangers who agree (in classic romantic…
    - 5 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 2:00pm -
  • Black Friday online shopping comes in $9B, $3.6B on smartphones
    Black Friday — the day that launched 1,000 other shopping holidays — may have lost its place as the “start” of the Christmas shopping season by now (it gets bigger and earlier with each passing year). But the day after Thanksgiving still pull…
    - 7 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 12:12pm -
  • Tony Hsieh, iconic Las Vegas tech entrepreneur, dies aged 46
    Tony Hsieh, the former head of Zappos who catapulted the shoe company into the big leagues with a sale to Amazon and then used the proceeds of his success in a huge project kickstarting regeneration of a run-down part of Las Vegas, Nevada, with tech…
    - 11 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 8:34am -
  • Facebook’s Libra could launch in January
    According to a report from the Financial Times, Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra could launch in January. More interestingly, the Libra Association, the consortium created by Facebook, could scale back its ambitions once again. When it was first…
    - 1 day ago, 27 Nov 20, 5:01pm -
  • India sets rules for commissions, surge pricing for Uber and Ola
    Ride-hailing firms such as Ola and Uber can only draw a fee of up to 20% on ride fares in India, New Delhi said in guidelines on Friday, a new setback for the SoftBank-backed firms already struggling to improve their finances in the key overseas mark…
    - 1 day ago, 27 Nov 20, 4:23pm -
  • There’s no ‘hacker house’ geared toward undergraduate women, so they created one of their own
    Hacker houses are making a comeback for entrepreneurs as remote work drags on. While founders are adapting to quarantine in style, a group of college women in their 20s aren’t waiting until they are done with undergraduate work to plunge into the l…
    - 1 day ago, 27 Nov 20, 4:00pm -
  • No Google-Fitbit merger without human rights remedies, says Amnesty to EU
    Human rights NGO, Amnesty International, has written to the EU’s competition regulator calling for Google’s acquisition of wearable maker Fitbit to be blocked — unless meaningful safeguards can be baked in. The tech giant announced its intent t…
    - 1 day ago, 27 Nov 20, 2:17pm -

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  • Hitting the Books: How autonomous EVs could help solve climate change
    Climate change is far and away the greatest threat of the modern human era — a crisis that will only get worse the longer we dither — with American car culture as a major contributor to the nation’s greenhouse emissions. But carbon-neutralizing…
    - 3 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 4:30pm -
  • Zappos' pioneering ex-CEO Tony Hsieh dies at 46
    Internet shopping just lost one of its most influential figures. TechCrunch has confirmed that Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of online shoe giant Zappos, died on November 27th at the age of 46 from injuries sustained in a house fire. He’s best known f…
    - 3 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 4:24pm -
  • The Morning After: The best Black Friday deals that are still going
    Black Friday is over, but many of the discounts are still available. Packing into stores is a riskier idea than usual this year, but we’re still keeping track of the best offers and continually updating posts to reflect which special offers are exp…
    - 3 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 3:58pm -
  • Recommended Reading: Using AI to create alarmingly realistic fake people
    Designed to deceive: Do these people look real to you?Kashmir Hill and Jeremy White, The New York TimesFake personas on the internet are nothing new, but completely fake people that appear to be alarmingly real in photographs or animations are becomi…
    - 4 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 3:00pm -
  • Engadget readers get $200 off Roomba's i7+ vacuum at Wellbots
    Roomba’s i7 series has some of the most advanced robo-vacs you can get, but they come at high prices. But for Black Friday, Engadget readers can save $200 on both of the robot vacuums in the line. The Roomba i7+ drops to $599 and the Roomba i7 fall…
    - 6 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 1:00pm -
  • Vava’s 4K ultra short-throw projector is $840 off at Amazon
    If you’re in the market for a short-throw projector, you could do much worse than the Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Projector. The well-reviewed model typically costs $2,800. However, if you have a couple thousand dollars burning a hole in you…
    - 11 hours ago, 28 Nov 20, 8:30am -
  • Google shows off 'Cyberpunk 2077' running on Stadia at 4K
    We’ve seen gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2077 running on RTX-equipped PCs, the previous generation of consoles, as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series X through backward compatibility. And now you can get a sense of what the game looks like on Google S…
    - 21 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 10:00pm -
  • The best deals on computer and phone accessories for Black Friday
    Many of us tend to buy computer and phone accessories at the last minute — a charging brick when you forgot yours at home, a wireless mouse on a whim when you’re sick of using your laptop’s trackpad and the like. But investing in a few solid te…
    - 22 hours ago, 27 Nov 20, 9:21pm -