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  • Let’s Analyze Rob Manfred’s Lockout Letter
    The commissioner of Major League Baseball wrote a letter defending the lockout, and there is no way that can exist without it being commented on.The post Let’s Analyze Rob Manfred’s Lockout Letter appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:03am -
  • 2022 Offseason Primer: Boston Red Sox
    Taking a long look at where the Red Sox stand at this point in the offseason, and where they can go from here.The post 2022 Offseason Primer: Boston Red Sox appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:03am -
  • San Francisco Giants Top Prospects
    What's the best way to follow up a 107-win season? A top tier farm system ought to help answer that question, even if the top players are further away.The post San Francisco Giants Top Prospects appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:03am -
  • Marcus Stroman is in Fastball Purgatory
    Marcus Stroman's pitching obviously works, but there are some things he could change if he wants to grow even further.The post Marcus Stroman is in Fastball Purgatory appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:03am -
  • Stroman Steps Into Cubs’ Rotation Void
    The Cubs aren't exactly expected to be good next season—but Marcus Stroman can help them be, well, not bad.The post Stroman Steps Into Cubs’ Rotation Void appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:03am -
  • El experimento de la Liga Nacional con el bateador designado natural: su historia
    Lecciones del bateador designado universal utilizado en 2020.The post El experimento de la Liga Nacional con el bateador designado natural: su historia appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:01am -
  • Golden Age: Week of November 28
    Wishing a happy 50th birthday to the former major leaguers celebrating this week.The post Golden Age: Week of November 28 appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:01am -
  • Sifting Through Rebound Candidates with DRA
    No, we're not talking about Jake Arrieta here.The post Sifting Through Rebound Candidates with DRA appeared first on Baseball Prospectus.
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 11:01am -

From Deep Right Field

  • MLB Record For Consecutive Wins By A Team
    - The MLB record for consecutive wins by a team in a season is a record set by the National League’s New York Giants in 1916. They won 26 games in a row. The Oakland A’s have the American League record, established in 2002 with 20 consecutive v…
    - 12 Feb 13, 1:01pm -
  • MLB Record For Consecutive Losses By A Team
    - Since 1893, the MLB record for consecutive losses by a team is held by the National League’s Cleveland franchise with 24 in 1899. The American League record for most consecutive team losses (since 1893) is held by the 1988 Baltimore Orioles wit…
    - 12 Feb 13, 1:00pm -
  • Best Defensive Third Basemen
    - It is important to remember that there are fewer third basemen in the Hall of Fame than any other position. The position has traditionally been looked at as a corner power-hitting place in the lineup. Therefore, trying to find a good power hitter…
    - 10 Feb 13, 2:05pm -
  • Christy Mathewson: The Christian Gentleman

    - 15 Jan 13, 12:05pm -
  • 200 Walk Seasons
    - Nolan Ryan and Amos Rusie, both famous for high 90s+ fastballs (and faster!), are the only two pitchers to have 2 seasons since 1893 with 200+ walks. Rusie gave up 218 walks in 1893–which is the record. He also walked 200 batters in 1894. Ryan…
    - 2 Dec 12, 12:15pm -
  • 30 Game Winners: Lefties
    - Only three left-handers have ever won 30+ games in a season since 1893. The fine thrower Frank Killen of the National League’s Pittsburgh franchise won 36 games in 1893 and 30 games in 1896. And, the ace of the Philadelphia Athletics, Lefty Gro…
    - 1 Dec 12, 2:51pm -
  • Rube Waddell: The First American League Ace
    - In the early part of the 20th century, baseball fans came out in droves to watch “Rube strike ’em out!” Yes, Rube Waddell was the new American League’s star pitcher. He was a flame-throwing strikeout ace–and he was really something to s…
    - 25 Nov 12, 7:06pm -
  • Hit-By-Pitch Records
    - Joe McGinnity, one of the better pitchers around the turn of the 20th century, while with the National League’s Brooklyn franchise, set the Major League record for hitting batters with a pitch–with a total of 40 in 1900. These totals are sinc…
    - 18 Nov 12, 12:28pm -
  • Rookie Strikeout Records (VIDEO)
    - Since 1893, the best strikeout total for a rookie pitcher is listed as Dwight Gooden of the New York Mets who in 1984 struck out 276 batters. Second on this list is the great Herb Score who struck out 245 batters for Cleveland in 1955. Hideo Nomo…
    - 11 Nov 12, 5:20pm -
  • Most RBIs In A Season By A Rookie
    - The record for most RBIs in a season by a rookie is held by the iconic Ted Williams (Red Sox) in 1939 with 145. Second on this list of rookie RBI seasons is another Red Sox player, Walt Dropo, who chalked up 144 RBIs in 1950. Only 4 other rookies…
    - 11 Nov 12, 12:00pm -

Baseball Reflections

  • NFT Trading Cards For Baseball Are On The Way
    The MLB is about to make a fortune through the use of blockchain technology to create non-fungible tokens for baseball cards. These are a new digital version of baseball trading cards that have the added advantage of providing proof of the exact owne…
    - 3 days ago, 3 Dec 21, 2:04am -
  • A Quick Guide to The World Series
    The world series is an annual competition where the best teams from the National League and American League play against each other. This is a brief guide about the series’ origins and key teams involved.  Major League Baseball (MLB) is arguably t…
    - 15 days ago, 21 Nov 21, 3:52am -
  • Hall Of Famer Walker Living Proof That Sport Specialization Not Vital To Success
    From a young age, Larry Walker knew what he wanted to do with his life. He dreamed of being a professional athlete. He was going to be an NHL goaltender. It’s not a surprising dream for him to have. After all, he did grow up in Maple Ridge, British…
    - 25 days ago, 10 Nov 21, 6:44pm -
  • MLB Veteran Todd Walker Inducted Into Northwest Louisiana Walk of Stars
    After a saddening 2020, 2021 seemed like a great year to be a baseball fan! Significant events have occurred in the American baseball fraternity in the last few months.  The 2021 MLB season got off to a great start with the D’backs reclaiming thei…
    - 32 days ago, 4 Nov 21, 1:31am -
  • How many games are in MLB season? Confused (154 OR 162)!
    Do you want to know how many games are in the MLB season in 2021? By the upended condition of covid 19, the MLB was delayed for 4 months. Moreover, the health protocol and safety concerns of the MLB games get lower by 60. But how many games were ther…
    - 39 days ago, 28 Oct 21, 12:02am -
  • LA Dodgers 2021 Season Review
    After a monumental 2020/21 season that culminated in the Dodgers winning their first World Series in 32 years, Los Angeles will be hoping to retain their crown atop the standings despite what has been a hectic 2021/22 campaign thus far. The Dodgers c…
    - 47 days ago, 19 Oct 21, 11:58pm -
  • Long Pants & Button-Ups: Inside the MLB’s Uniform
    Uniforms are an important part of professional sports. They help articulate a team’s identity, as well as facilitate performance. An ideal uniform is specifically designed for a particular sport, allowing mobility, accessibility, and, in certai…
    - 52 days ago, 15 Oct 21, 12:57am -
  • A Guide To Betting On Baseball In 2021-22
    During the peak times of the pandemic in 2020, the online gambling market was thrown out of balance. With no casinos open, more and more punters were taking their wagers to online casinos, whereas for sports bettors, things became much more difficult…
    - 53 days ago, 13 Oct 21, 9:07pm -
  • Top Auto Accessories Gifts for the Baseball Fan
    You can’t beat the thrill that comes from watching a great baseball game. But for most fans, sliding into home means pulling into the driveway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your love for America’s Pastime at home or in the car. Al…
    - 57 days ago, 9 Oct 21, 7:50pm -
  • 7 Tips For Choosing The Best Baseball Protective Gear
    Sports injuries are nothing new to baseball players. Beginners and professionals alike know that there’s always a risk of getting hit with a bat or ball when you play baseball. Players could also get scrapes and bruises on their knees and arms. How…
    - 73 days ago, 24 Sep 21, 12:04am -

Mister Baseball

  • Germany’s Solbach Signs with the Detroit Tigers
    Germany’s Markus Solbach has signed a Minor League contract with the Detroit Tigers. The well-traveled starting pitcher, who has taken the mound in Australia, Germany, and Italy, joins his fourth MLB organization after stints in the farm systems of…
    - 5 days ago, 1 Dec 21, 12:50pm -
  • Bonn Capitals Will Host 2022 Champions Cup
    Germany’s Bonn Capitals will host the 2022 Champions Cup, Europe’s premier club competition. After hosting the 2019 European championship, the Capitals will now welcome Europe’s top clubs for a week of competition to determine the continent’s…
    - 7 days ago, 29 Nov 21, 12:54am -
  • First Annual Euro Baseball Winter League Wraps Up
    The first annual Euro Baseball Winter League (EBWL) in Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, concluded on Sunday, with the Golden Stars, coached by Peter Caliendo, cruising to an easy victory over the Blue Lions. The week-long event (November 22-28) at the ballp…
    - 7 days ago, 29 Nov 21, 12:15am -
  • Europeans in the Majors & Minors: 2021 Recap
    By DZ. As MLB’s final four teams compete for a World Series Championship, minor league players have returned home with offseason goals, invitations to their organization’s instructional league, and/or plans for winter ball. Here’s a recap of th…
    - 47 days ago, 19 Oct 21, 8:11pm -
  • U23 World Cup: Three European Participants Start Placement Round Play
    The three European national teams competing at the U23 WBSC World Cup in Mexico will begin play in the Placement Round on Wednesday, Sep. 29, with Germany and the Netherlands facing off in the first match of the tournament’s second phase. The Czech…
    - 67 days ago, 29 Sep 21, 9:07pm -
  • U12 Baseball World Cup Rescheduled for Summer 2022; Italy, Czech Republic Still Headed to Taiwan
    The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has announced the rescheduling of the VI WBSC U12 Baseball World Cup in Tainan, Taiwan, to the summer of 2022, with the exact dates to be announced at a later stage. Originally scheduled for the summer…
    - 69 days ago, 28 Sep 21, 5:18am -
  • Czechs Victorious, Dutch Lose on Day One of WBSC U23 World Cup
    The Czech Republic defeated the defending champion and host Mexico, 5-1 (box score), while the Netherlands was unable to respond to an early Venezuela offensive outburst as it lost, 9-4 (box score), on Day One of the WBSC U23 World Cup in northern Me…
    - 73 days ago, 24 Sep 21, 12:41pm -
  • ADVERTISEMENT: Follow the MLB Pennant Races on ESPN Player
    PAID POST The Chicago White Sox just clinched the AL Central. Who is next? Will the Yankees or the Blue Jays clinch the second AL Wild Card? And in the National League, can the Giants keep the Dodgers at bay for the NL West Crown? Can MVP candidate B…
    - 73 days ago, 23 Sep 21, 9:25pm -

Lady at the Bat

  • After A Yankees Win, Some Personal News
    After their Odysseus-like experience last week, the Yankees finally made it to Kansas City Thursday. By the end of the weekend, they had righted the ship, having taken two out of three from the Royals. It was their eighth straight series win, somethi…
    - 20 May 18, 10:14pm -
  • Yankees Complete 7-2 Home Stand, Capitol Awaits
    As Ken Singleton says, they won this series the hard way. After losing the first game on Friday night, the Yankees took the next two, giving them a 2-1 series win over Oakland, which completed a 7-2 home stand. They are still tied for first place wit…
    - 14 May 18, 12:24am -
  • Yankees Lose But Recent Stretch is Beyond Impressive
    When the Yankees finished a home sweep of the Minnesota Twins on April 26th, their season record was 15-9. That home stand seemed to lift the Yanks from the early season doldrums. It ended with an  impressive eight wins. But the schedule was about…
    - 11 May 18, 7:48am -
  • Yankees Beat Boston Again, Take Sole Possession Of First
    When Hanley Ramirez homered off Chad Green last night, I thought to myself, okay, the winning streak ends tonight.  I looked ahead to the next game, trying to think good thoughts about CC Sabathia.Shame on me.After a shockingly great performance by…
    - 10 May 18, 11:27am -
  • Yankees Win Again, Grab Share Of First
    That's seven in a row. Their 16th win in 17 games. They are now tied for first place in the AL East--after being 7.5 games behind Boston as recently as April 20th.Who's "they?" The 2018 New York Yankees. Not the 1953 Yankees. Not the 1998 Yankees. Th…
    - 9 May 18, 11:47am -
  • Rookies Lead Yankees To Sweep Of Indians
    Remember when the experts swore up and down that the Yankees would never field a team with two rookies (Andujar and Torres) on it?  Well, they were forced into it, but they did it nonetheless. And it's been working.I remember trying to get the nickn…
    - 7 May 18, 8:35am -
  • Ninth Inning Rally Caps Yankees Successful Road Trip
    I have to admit I didn't want to see this road trip come at the time it did. Three games against the Angels at Anaheim and four in Houston to follow seemed like a daunting task. But maybe not that bad. Thinking we could see the Yankees go 3-4 or 4-3…
    - 4 May 18, 10:51am -
  • Yankees Win As Sevy Goes Distance, Stanton Goes Yard Twice
    Should we call them the S & S Boys?David Cone joked that the rest of the team didn't have to get off the bus, because Giancarlo Stanton and Luis Severino took care of business all by themselves last night.On a warm Houston night, the roof at Minute M…
    - 3 May 18, 11:19am -