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  • Uncounted

    UncountedFirst things first: our very own Latif Nasser has an exciting new show on Netflix. He talks to Jad about the hidden forces of the world that connect us all.Then, with an eye on the upcoming election, we take a look back: at two pieces from More Perf… 1 day ago, 7 Aug 20, 6:53am

  • Invisible Allies

    Invisible AlliesAs scientists have been scrambling to find new and better ways to treat covid-19, they’ve come across some unexpected allies. Invisible and primordial, these protectors have been with us all along. And they just might help us to better weather thi… 8 days ago, 31 Jul 20, 2:41am

  • Baby Blue Blood Drive

    Baby Blue Blood DriveHorseshoe crabs are not much to look at.  But beneath their unassuming catcher’s-mitt shell, they harbor a half-billion-year-old secret: a superpower that helped them outlive the dinosaurs and survive all the Earth’s mass extinctions.  And what… 15 days ago, 24 Jul 20, 3:06am

  • Dispatches from 1918

    Dispatches from 1918It’s hard to imagine what the world will look like when COVID-19 has passed. So in this episode, we look back to the years after 1918, at the political, artistic, and viral aftermath of the flu pandemic that killed between 50 and 100 million peopl… 22 days ago, 17 Jul 20, 11:28am

  • The Flag and the Fury

    The Flag and the FuryHow do you actually make change in the world? For 126 years, Mississippi has had the Confederate battle flag on their state flag, and they were the last state in the nation where that emblem remained “officially” flying.  A few days ago, that fl… 27 days ago, 12 Jul 20, 10:09pm

Sound Opinions

  • Citizen Scientist Seeks To Document 2,500 Species

    Citizen Scientist Seeks To Document 2,500 SpeciesA citizen scientist extraordinaire is on a quest to document 2,500 living things this year in the wilds of the Chicago and its suburbs. Jeff Skrenty recently visited suburban South Holland to see what he could find.Host: Becky VeveaReporter: Jerom… 15 hours ago, 7 Aug 20, 8:58pm

  • The Rise Of Chicago Teen Activists

    The Rise Of Chicago Teen ActivistsIn Chicago many Black teens have been at the forefront of recent marches. They are part of a movement for social justice that began long before this summer’s wave of demonstrations.Host: Mary DixonReporter: Adriana Cardona Maguigad 23 hours ago, 7 Aug 20, 12:05pm

  • Why Some Chicago Businesses Are Becoming Virus Trackers

    Why Some Chicago Businesses Are Becoming Virus TrackersAs COVID-19 cases climb in Illinois, some businesses are becoming virus trackers of sorts. They’re collecting information from customers that would normally be something public health officials would do.Host: Mary DixonReporter: Kristen Schorsch 2 days ago, 6 Aug 20, 12:09pm

  • Rapper FBG Duck Fatally Shot In Chicago’s Gold Coast

    Rapper FBG Duck Fatally Shot In Chicago’s Gold CoastChicago rapper FBG Duck was fatally shot in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood Tuesday. On social media many are mourning his death, while rival rappers are celebrating and mocking his murder.Host: Becky VeveaGuest: Lance Williams 3 days ago, 5 Aug 20, 9:13pm

  • Chicago Public Schools Goes All Remote

    Chicago Public Schools Goes All RemoteWith COVID-19 cases rising and pressure building, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPS drop preliminary plans for both remote and in-person school.Host: Becky Vevea, Mariah WoelfelReporter: Sarah Karp 3 days ago, 5 Aug 20, 9:01pm