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  • Why Shower Filters are Good for Your Health
    Shower Filter The best shower filter performs multiple functions of water filtering, hardness removal, disinfection, energizing, and natural medication. They relax the mind and body into the perfect state of
    - 22 days ago, 26 Jun 18, 6:33pm -
  • Comcast Now Offering Mesh Network Pods from Plume for $120+
    Good news Comcast customers. You can now enjoy the fruits of Mesh WiFi Routing. What is mesh? It’s the new way to connect to the Web in your home. That’s
    - 58 days ago, 22 May 18, 3:26am -
  • 3 of the Best Hoverboards Money Can Buy
    If you’re thinking about buying a hoverboard for the first time or if you are new to these personal transports and are unsure what to buy, don’t worry, Gadget Review
    - 81 days ago, 28 Apr 18, 9:23pm -
  • What Are Some Good Sources of Calcium for My Dog?
    Why is Calcium Important for Dogs? Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs and humans alike. It’s responsible for conducting electrical impulses, sending signals, contracting muscles (especially the heart), not
    - 86 days ago, 24 Apr 18, 1:56am -
  • Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set
    Consistently brew a delicious cup of coffee with the Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set. Designed for all levels of coffee makers, the pour-over set makes it easy to brew
    - 92 days ago, 17 Apr 18, 12:36pm -
  • Nighthawk X6 Review
      The first feature that attracts your attention to the Netgear Nighthawk X6 is its three distinct Wi-Fi bands with varying frequencies and speed limits. It has one 2.4GHZ (600MBPS)
    - 93 days ago, 17 Apr 18, 12:49am -
  • Pavel Vetrov Olly Designer Writing Desk
    Stylishly organize your workspace with the Pavel Vetrov Olly Designer Writing Desk. The writing desk comes with a compact drawer that conveniently sits right in the middle. It opens and
    - 6 Apr 18, 8:20am -
  • SleepBliss Deep Sleep Insomnia Relief Crystal Ball
    Get a deep sleep in the most natural way possible with the SleepBliss Deep Sleep Insomnia Relief Crystal Ball. SleepBliss is a 100% non-invasive sleep aid crystal ball that helps
    - 4 Apr 18, 10:06am -


Boing Boing


  • Gorilla Glass 6 gives phones a better shot at surviving multiple drops
    Toughened glass has long protected your phone against a singular drop, but one-and-done isn't how it works in real life -- we've all seen butterfingers users whose device falls to the floor on a seemingly weekly basis. Those not-so-coordinated peopl…
    - 2 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:53pm -
  • Robocall company exposes hundreds of thousands of voter records
    Hundreds of thousands of voter records were left exposed on an Amazon S3 bucket, ZDNet reports, this time by Virginia-based robocalling firm Robocent. Among the information that was left accessible were names, home addresses, gender, phone numbers, a…
    - 2 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:29pm -
  • Zuckerberg: I didn’t intend to defend Holocaust deniers
    Earlier today, Recode's Kara Swisher released an extensive interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg covering the platform's struggles during a long, scandal-ridden year. Nestled inside was an exchange where Swisher pressed the executive on why it.…
    - 2 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:18pm -
  • Hyundai offers virtual showroom on Amazon
    If you have any cash left over from Prime Day, you might be considering a new car. Hyundai and Amazon have teamed up to offer a virtual showroom of the car maker's automobiles in the Amazon Vehicles section. You won't be able to order an Elantra with…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:37pm -
  • ‘Fortnite’ Funko Pop! toys will be here for the holidays
    Fans of Funko's squat, wide-eyed Pop! figurines have a surprise headed their way: A line is incoming based on the popular game Fortnite. Epic Games has partnered with the toy company to release a smattering of figures, collectibles and apparel that s…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:19pm -
  • Trump claims Russia has stopped its cyberattacks against the US
    President Trump is still dealing with the repercussions of appearing to agree with Vladimir Putin that Russia didn't interfere with the 2016 US election (and the subsequent attempted walk back of this statement), but that isn't stopping him from furt…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 7:57pm -
  • Ookla: Minneapolis has the fastest mobile internet among US cities
    If you live in or often visit Minneapolis, Ookla has good news for you: the company says that locale tops the list of US cities with the fastest mobile internet, with a mean download speed of 44.92 Mbps. Ookla, which analyzed data from its Speedtest.…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:47pm -
  • Congress' social media hearing was a ‘stupid’ sideshow
    Tuesday marked another chapter in the "Tech Companies go to Congress" story, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing, titled "Examining the Content Filtering Practices of Social Media Giants," w…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:30pm -


  • New Instagram Feature Lets Public Accounts Remove Followers
    If you truly wanted to stop people from looking at your feed, the only option was to make your account private. Even if you blocked someone, if your account was public, they just needed to bring up your account in a private browser window to access…
    - 2 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:20pm -
  • Samsung’s Bixby Smart Speaker May Arrive In A Few Weeks
    This isn’t the first we’re hearing of a Bixby-powered smart speaker from Samsung. The company is believed to have developed an Amazon Echo rival of its own. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker is set to arr…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:04pm -
  • Nest Is Now Under The Google Home Team
    Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is shuffling things around over in Mountain View. The smart home device maker Nest which previously operated as an independent entity under Alphabet will now be operating under the team responsible for Google’s…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:52pm -
  • Bang & Olufsen Phasing Out Its B&O Play Branding
    High-end audio company Bang & Olufsen has decided to phase out its B&O Play sub-brand. The company now prefers to sell all of its products under the primary Bang & Olufsen brand. This may help alleviate confusion as the Bang & Olufsen brand has long…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:45pm -
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date, Specs, Features & News
    Every year without fail, Samsung will release a new Galaxy S phone which is part of the company’s flagship lineup of smartphones. This year gave us the Galaxy S9, and next year we expect that there will be the Galaxy S10.However what makes next yea…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 7:46pm -
  • Corning Says Gorilla Glass 6 Can Survive Multiple Drops
    Your smartphones are about to get more durable. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is widely used in the industry for the cover glass on consumer mobile devices. The company today announced Gorilla Glass 6 which it says is the most durable cover glass to dat…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 7:10pm -
  • LG V40 ThinQ Release To Take Place In October
    LG is due to launch a new flagship-level smartphone later this year that will take on the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s new iPhone. A new report from South Korea states that the LG V40 ThinQ is going to be released in October 2018. LG wil…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:54pm -
  • ‘All-New Xbox Hardware’ Promised By Microsoft Next Month
    Microsoft today confirmed that it will be attending the gamescom convention in Cologne this August. The company will bring a great lineup of games from developers across the globe. It will host a special episode of Inside Xbox which will be broadcas…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:45pm -

The Wirecutter

  • What Is Apple AirPlay 2?
    If you own an Apple device or three, it’s a safe bet that you’ve used AirPlay. Apple’s proprietary streaming protocol lets you wirelessly send music and video from an iPhone or iPad to a compatible speaker, receiver, or Apple TV (it wor…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 7:10pm -
  • The Best Sports Bras
    Because sizing systems vary and every body is different, finding a supportive and comfortable sports bra that fits requires some trial and error. But if you know your size and want to buy online, we spent more than 40 hours over the past thre…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:23pm -
  • How to Find a Bra That Fits
    Finding a great bra can be difficult on a logistical, and emotional, level. If you’re feeling frustrated on your quest for a bra, know that you’re not alone, or imagining things—sizing isn’t standard and varies by brand, and your two…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:13pm -
  • The Best Wireless Workout Headphones
    Over the past three years, we’ve tested 144 sets of headphones, and we’re positive that the Jabra Elite Active 65t is the best set of wireless workout headphones for people who move and sweat. These headphones sound great for music and ca…
    - 7 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 4:48pm -
  • The Best Photo Book Service
    After more than 40 hours of research and testing, including time spent making eight photo books and consulting with a master printer on the results, we recommend Shutterfly as the best online photo book service for people who don’t use Macs…
    - 5 days ago, 13 Jul 18, 10:06pm -
  • The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn
    After researching reel mowers for more than 30 hours, talking to a professor with a PhD in turfgrass science, and testing four mowers with a golf-course grounds crew, we think the best one is the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn…
    - 5 days ago, 13 Jul 18, 9:58pm -
  • The Best Running Shoes for Men
    We recruited 19 male runners to test 16 pairs of running shoes on busy city streets and quiet snow-covered roads. With their help, we came to the conclusion that the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is the best pair of neutral running shoes for most men.…
    - 5 days ago, 13 Jul 18, 8:48pm -
  • The Best Fan
    After five years of testing room fans, including testing a new round of 12 more in summer 2018, we’re sure the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator is the best choice for most people. It effectively circulates air in a medium- to large-size ro…
    - 5 days ago, 13 Jul 18, 8:41pm -

Gadgets and Gizmos

  • 10 Things you could buy instead of the Apple iPhone X
    Before we go down this road I want to say I’ve nothing against Apple, in fact I have an iPhone 7 but cannot for the life of me understand how the base iPhone X is £999. With that in mind I’ve done some research into 10 things you could buy inste…
    - 3 Nov 17, 10:42pm -
  • Wera Advent-Calender 2017; Tools to turn the biggest grinch around
    It’s a little early for me personally to embrace Christmas; but I am willing to start talking about advent calendars and gifts for those who like to be ready. This week I received the 2017 Wera advent calendar and it looks awesome and has already t…
    - 3 Nov 17, 9:00pm -
  • Fidget Spinners – stress relief, fad, menace or health magic bullet?
    The meteoric rise of fidget spinners in 2017 has surprised many, including me. These palm sized contraptions, fitted with bearings to make them spin, are hugely popular in the playground and are becoming more commonplace in the work environment. But…
    - 27 May 17, 8:24pm -
  • Apple iPhone 8 – News on dates, specs, prices and rumours
    It’s nearly that time again; that time when Apple dim the lights and unveil their new flagship iPhone. The internet has been buzzing with rumours ranging from mediocre to bat shit crazy and I’ve been pretty slow in gathering these together. But h…
    - 26 May 17, 8:49pm -
  • What Are the Snapchat Sunglasses All About?
    The release of new Snapchat sunglasses has raised more than a few eyebrows. So what are these glasses all about? Well, they have been described as being a bit like Google Glass, although they are a good deal cheaper and more limited in what they can…
    - 13 Dec 16, 5:41pm -
  • Samsung Considering Facial Tracking for Gear VR
    The battle for virtual reality supremacy has really warmed up in recent times. While the Samsung VR gear is widely seen as being an affordable option, there are other VR headsets that are regarded as being of higher technical quality. However, news o…
    - 7 Dec 16, 5:35pm -
  • Nike Self-Tying Sneakers Now on Sale
    Those of us who love Back to the Future have been craving self-tying sneakers for a long time. Well, provided that you have a healthy bank account then you can now get hold of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 trainers. They only cost a mere £575, which some…
    - 5 Dec 16, 5:27pm -
  • Google Earth VR Will Transport You Anywhere
    The exciting possibilities of virtual reality are perhaps most clearly shown with the recent release of Google Earth VR. As the name suggests, this is an incredible way of seeing the Earth in all its glory by using a virtual reality headset on Google…
    - 29 Nov 16, 7:51pm -

Slash Gear

  • SiriusXM gets Netflix original comedy content for new radio channel
    Netflix, as part of its overall original content push, has released many of its own comedy specials, including ones featuring major comedic names like Seinfeld and Bill Burr. You need a Netflix account to watch these originals, but soon you’ll have…
    - 1 hour ago, 18 Jul 18, 10:08pm -
  • Funko Fortnite toys and collectibles arrive this holiday season
    Toy company Funko, perhaps best known for its Pop! figurines, has announced a new deal with Epic Games that will add Fortnite items to its catalog. The company already offers toys based on popular video games, movies, and more, including Blizzard’s…
    - 2 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 9:17pm -
  • Galaxy Note 9: Real photos, display glass cracks
    Today we’re having a peek at a couple of photos of the Galaxy Note 9 in some rough condition. Below you’ll find the pair of images, both looking a lot like the Galaxy Note 8 (pictured first in this article held in-hand). That’s to be expected,…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:39pm -
  • 100-million-year-old baby snake in amber sheds light on evolution
    The carcass of a baby snake has been discovered encased in a chunk of amber, preserving details that’ll help researchers expand the evolutionary record. As with many interesting pieces of amber, this newest addition was discovered in Myanmar and da…
    - 3 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:29pm -
  • Microsoft shares its Xbox plans for Gamescom
    Even though it feels like E3 2018 just ended, we’ll soon be onto our next big gaming conference of the year: Gamescom. Gamescom is one of the largest gaming trade shows around – outpacing E3 significantly in terms of attendance – so naturally,…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 8:01pm -
  • Reddit Chat live chat rooms arrive in beta for many subreddits
    Reddit is bringing back an old-school form of Internet interaction with strangers: chat rooms. The company has been quietly working on its Chat platform, including offering it as a limited beta over the past year. Over these months, Reddit says that…
    - 4 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 7:27pm -
  • Netflix TV interface simplified with new navigation sidebar
    Netflix has simplified its TV interface by adding a new sidebar with quick access icons. The redesign somewhat resembles the YouTube TV interface, making it easier to access the items you’d previously have to scroll to the top to find. The company…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:40pm -
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth is coming to Nintendo Switch
    Earlier this year, Ubisoft brought South Park: The Fractured But Whole to the Nintendo Switch. The game’s announcement came as something of a surprise, as it was made with no plan to bring the game’s predecessor, South Park: The Stick of Truth, t…
    - 5 hours ago, 18 Jul 18, 6:39pm -