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  • Know How To Write? We’re Hiring
    So… whatever regulars that are still around might have noticed: content is thin these days. The reasons for this are long and potentially boring, but maybe one day I’ll write
    - 17 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 3:44am -
  • Top Digital Marketing Tips You Need To Read
    Digital Marketing is a lucrative business and it is far more effective for larger and more competitive businesses. If it is done effectively, it has far more success than small
    - 17 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 3:37am -
  • These Highly-Reviewed Power Banks Are On Sale
    If you’re looking for the power bank with ultra-high capacity, the Anker PowerCore 20000mAh Power Bank is the obvious choice. Over 10,000 of Amazon customer reviews and the rating is
    - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 17, 2:31pm -
  • Any Time Believer Bold Watch Collection
    Dare to be different with the Any Time Believer Bold Watch Collection. This series of watches encourages you to be you and go against the grain. Sporting a totally unique
    - 2 days ago, 18 Aug 17, 7:35am -
  • 3 Useful Switches Every Household Should Have Right Now
    Do you sometimes wish you could just plug everything into your laptop for a quick charge? The charger heads can become bulky at times. The Anker 5-Port USB Charger is
    - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 17, 2:36pm -
  • Most Infamously Unreliable Gadgets We Can’t Live Without
    Smartphones The screen cracks. The signal fails. The battery dies. And woe betides you if you get it wet. The smartphone is arguably the king of unreliable gadgetry. But for
    - 5 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 5:20am -
  • Why Is the iPad POS System Taking Off?
    Credit card machines and cash tills are getting a little paranoid because they’ve heard of the introduction of the new iPad POS (Point Of Sale) System. The system itself is
    - 5 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 5:16am -
  • How To Ship Your Technology Quickly And Compliantly
    With media being consumed on demand faster that ever before, with companies like Netflix making TV shows and movies available for streaming just months after their release to please users,
    - 5 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 12:02am -


Boing Boing

  • Watch: Pole-dancing T-rex
    Why simply work the pole when you can work the pole in a T-rex costume? Well, one unnamed Gong Show contestant did just that.Previously: Watch this Jewish surf band rock the new 'Gong Show'
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:18pm -
  • Stop worrying: Pets aren't interested in staring into the sun
    No need to get a pair of protective eclipse glasses for your dog or cat, experts say they don't normally look at the sun. In today's NASA briefing about Monday's solar eclipse, co-chair of the National Solar Eclipse Task Force Angela Speck remarked…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:18pm -
  • Why we often choose to keep useful information out of our heads
    The cyberpunks, the Founding Fathers, the 19th Century philosophers, and the Enlightenment thinkers — they each envisioned a perfect democracy powered by a constant multimedia psychedelic freakout in which all information was free, decentralized, d…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:16pm -
  • Carpet is disgusting
    This is your regularly scheduled important reminder that carpet is bad. I have it in just one room of my house and no matter how often I clean it, the rinsewater looks like this. Carpet: Mattress of Filth.I won't even recommend a steam cleaner. I…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:02pm -
  • These intricate hand-painted mandala stones reveal the cosmic beauty of math
    San Francisco-based artist Lina West creates these beautiful hand-painted mandala stones covered in gorgeous fractal patterns. (more…)
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 1:58pm -
  • Boing Boing's oldest extant live page, an interview with John K. that just turned 22
    On August 12, 1995, before Internet Archive or Google, Boing Boing conducted a charming interview with John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren & Stimpy. The Boing Boing Digital page still looks the way it did when readers read it on Explorer 1.0 or Netscape…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 1:58pm -
  • Shark cats: delightful portraits of terror
    Brynn Metheny is the undisputed master of mashing up cats and sharks into delightful creatures. Her original series was so popular, she created a sequel this year. (more…)
    - 7 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 1:00pm -
  • Artist creates dollops of paint that are actually colored pencil illustrations
    CJ Hendry creates large pencil sketches that mix hyperrealism with fantasy. After working mainly in black and white, she jumped to color in a big way with her series of colorful paint smears. (more…)
    - 8 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 11:58am -


  • Recommended Reading: Netflix's heroes return in 'The Defenders'
    'The Defenders' IsThrilling SuperheroTeam-Up EntertainmentMark Hughes,ForbesNetflix's last Marvel series, Iron Fist, didn't quite offer the same thrills as its previous three original series. Its fourth installment that unites all four heroes…
    - 2 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 6:00pm -
  • Logitech's PowerPlay delivers no-compromise wireless gaming mice
    It's 2017 and many hardcore PC gamers are still devoted to their wired mice. Ask them why and you'll likely get two reasons: You don't have to worry about charging them, and there's no need to worry about potential latency issues. Either of those iss…
    - 4 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 4:30pm -
  • The three TVs that made our buyer's guide
    Hot on the heels of updating our buyer's guide, we have three more additions, and they're all TVs. Of all the models out there, we've edited our selection to just three: two reasonably priced ones, and another for the "money is no object" crowd. So w…
    - 5 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 3:00pm -
  • ASUS ZenFone AR review: A 'better' Tango phone doesn't mean much
    Google's Tango augmented reality technology isn't new, and its debut last year on Lenovo's Phab2 Pro left a lot to be desired. I mean, honestly, as neat as AR apps can be, an enormous phone with a mid-range chipset wasn't the best vehicle for them. M…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:00pm -
  • The Morning After: Weekend Edition
    Hey, good morning!The weekend has arrived, and we're talking Twitter's problems dealing with Trump, a casual drone landing on a battleship, and the battle against hate online.
    - 8 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:00pm -
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be out as soon as September 15th
    For a while after the Note 7 debacle, the fate of Samsung's supersized phone line was uncertain. It soon became pretty clear, though, that the Korean manufacturer isn't killing the name: Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd, and acco…
    - 11 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 9:14am -
  • Mercedes uses art deco inspiration for electric car concept
    Luxury vehicles from the 1930s were nearly aircraft carrier-long. It was the art deco era dominated by seemingly never ending clean lines. So it's no surprise that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is over six meters long (about 20 feet) and ha…
    - 15 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 5:17am -
  • Fighting classic 'Tekken' debuts on mobile
    Fighting game Tekken is coming to your smartphone screens, joining the likes of Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, South Park and some Sega Genesis titles in the ring. Maker Bandai Namco announced the Tekken Mobile game is open for pre-registration.…
    - 17 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 3:08am -


  • Android O Expected To Be Released On August 21
    With all the fancy new features and changes that Google will be bringing to Android O, we’re sure many Android owners are looking forward to its release. However there is no official word on when the update will be available, but we could be gettin…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:40am -
  • Teaser Trailer For Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ Released
    When Season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil was released, it introduced a new hero from the Marvel universe into the show in the form of the Punisher, although we guess he is more of an anti-hero than an actual hero. The character was portrayed by Jon Ber…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:39am -
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ‘Confirmed’ For September 15 Release
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be officially announced next week, so the question is when will the phone be released? A recent rumor suggested that Samsung could release it as soon as the day after the announcement, but a recent tweet by the ever-rel…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:39am -
  • Fujifilm X-Pro2 Rumored To Get 4K Video Recording Firmware Update
    These days 4K recording on cameras and smartphones is becoming something of a standard feature. This is because 4K is expected to become the standard resolution for the foreseeable future, so manufacturers are trying to create devices that are future…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:38am -
  • Apple Watch Shipments Expected To Hit 15M Units This Year
    While Apple has had no problems boasting about how many iPhones that they have sold with every release, the company has strangely enough kept mum on how many Apple Watches they have sold, although we can’t be sure why because if the estimates by an…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:37am -
  • Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Story Trailer Released
    It has been a while since we last saw a Marvel VS Capcom mashup, which is why it is understandable that gamers are pretty excited by the next installment, which is Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite. Capcom is certainly doing their best to hype the launch an…
    - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 17, 11:49am -
  • New Tekken Mobile Game Announced For iOS And Android
    If you’re a fan of the Tekken franchise and wouldn’t mind playing the game on your phone, you’ll be pleased to learn that the folks at Bandai Namco have announced a new Tekken mobile game. The game will be available for both iOS and Android gam…
    - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 17, 11:48am -
  • Overwatch For Consoles To Get Reporting Feature In Next Patch
    If there was one feature that was missing from the console version of Overwatch that was present on the PC version, it is the player reporting feature. In case it wasn’t obvious, player reporting is where players can report other players for bad be…
    - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 17, 11:48am -

The Wirecutter

  • The Best Cable Modem
    If you have cable Internet, you already have a cable modem, and you’re probably paying your Internet service provider a separate fee every month to rent it. Stop giving away your money. If you instead buy a cable modem like the Netgear CM500, you c…
    - 24 hours ago, 18 Aug 17, 8:48pm -
  • Most Popular This Week
    Most read reviews this week: The Best Solar Eclipse Glasses and Filters, The Best USB Battery Packs and Power Banks, and The Best Wireless Earbuds. [See all 10 most popular reviews this week.]
    - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 17, 10:30am -
  • The Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners
    After interviewing five professional artists, researching 21 drawing tablets, and testing nine, we’ve found the Wacom Intuos Draw is the best drawing tablet for beginners. The Draw works on Windows and macOS with most popular art programs, and it o…
    - 2 days ago, 17 Aug 17, 8:10pm -
  • Dear Wirecutter: Do Memory Cards Affect Audio and Video Quality?
    Different SD (or microSD) cards have no affect on audio or video quality; invest in better headphones instead.
    - 2 days ago, 17 Aug 17, 10:30am -
  • The Best Bookshelf Speakers for Most Stereos
    After listening to more than two dozen pairs of speakers in a double-blind setup, we’ve determined that the Q Acoustics 3020 speakers are the best bookshelf speakers for most people, because they sound better and are built more sturdily than an…
    - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 17, 9:05pm -
  • The Best Basic Snorkel Set
    We spent 30 hours subjecting 11 sets of snorkel gear to chlorine, mud, sand, salt, pounding waves, and sweeping currents in Charleston and Folly Beach, South Carolina, and at Florida’s beautiful Ichetucknee Springs State Park. After the silt settle…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 9:25pm -
  • The Best Cheap iPad Cases
    Apple’s current iPad line includes four models, and each requires a different-size case. Apple makes one case that fits most models—the Smart Cover—but it’s expensive and it protects only the screen. We think most people don’t need to spend…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 8:11pm -
  • The Best Earplugs for Sleeping
    After spending 12 hours measuring the noise-reduction prowess of 25 different earplugs and having four panelists sleep with the top performers, we think Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs are the best for most people. They fit a wide variety of ear…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 7:53pm -

Gadgets and Gizmos

  • Fidget Spinners – stress relief, fad, menace or health magic bullet?
    The meteoric rise of fidget spinners in 2017 has surprised many, including me. These palm sized contraptions, fitted with bearings to make them spin, are hugely popular in the playground and are becoming more commonplace in the work environment. But…
    - 84 days ago, 27 May 17, 8:24pm -
  • Apple iPhone 8 – News on dates, specs, prices and rumours
    It’s nearly that time again; that time when Apple dim the lights and unveil their new flagship iPhone. The internet has been buzzing with rumours ranging from mediocre to bat shit crazy and I’ve been pretty slow in gathering these together. But h…
    - 85 days ago, 26 May 17, 8:49pm -
  • What Are the Snapchat Sunglasses All About?
    The release of new Snapchat sunglasses has raised more than a few eyebrows. So what are these glasses all about? Well, they have been described as being a bit like Google Glass, although they are a good deal cheaper and more limited in what they can…
    - 13 Dec 16, 5:41pm -
  • Samsung Considering Facial Tracking for Gear VR
    The battle for virtual reality supremacy has really warmed up in recent times. While the Samsung VR gear is widely seen as being an affordable option, there are other VR headsets that are regarded as being of higher technical quality. However, news o…
    - 7 Dec 16, 5:35pm -
  • Nike Self-Tying Sneakers Now on Sale
    Those of us who love Back to the Future have been craving self-tying sneakers for a long time. Well, provided that you have a healthy bank account then you can now get hold of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 trainers. They only cost a mere £575, which some…
    - 5 Dec 16, 5:27pm -
  • Google Earth VR Will Transport You Anywhere
    The exciting possibilities of virtual reality are perhaps most clearly shown with the recent release of Google Earth VR. As the name suggests, this is an incredible way of seeing the Earth in all its glory by using a virtual reality headset on Google…
    - 29 Nov 16, 7:51pm -
  • Impressive OnePlus 3T Phone Now Launched
    One of the latest interesting handsets to get launched is the exciting looking OnePlus 3T. This manufacturer has gained something of a reputation in recent years for offering high spec phones at decent prices, so how does the new model stack up? Cert…
    - 24 Nov 16, 4:46pm -
  • Mini Countryman SE is First Hybrid Model
    Mini, the world famous manufacturer of tiny cars, has revealed to the world its first ever hybrid vehicle. The Mini Countryman SE was unveiled at the LA Auto Show and immediately made a big impression. This is a 4 wheel drive model but there is somet…
    - 22 Nov 16, 11:39pm -

Slash Gear

  • Earth will see its largest asteroid fly-by in September
    2017 is shaping up to be a real treat for astronomy fans: not only will they be treated to a rare solar eclipse on Monday, less than two weeks after a significant asteroid fly-by will take place. Dubbed Asteroid Florence, NASA has revealed that it wi…
    - 2 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 6:45pm -
  • Students develop robotic arm that specializes in sign language
    These days, we’re used to seeing researchers and scientists create robotic limbs with a purpose of adding or enhancing the abilities of existing body parts. But here’s one that’s designed with the simple purpose of helping communicate with hear…
    - 3 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 5:45pm -
  • The Essential Phone is a huge work-in-progress
    You have to give the Essential Phone credit for managing to carve out a spot in our attention, given what a phone-heavy year 2017 is turning out to be. On the one hand, Samsung is about to make its play for phablet redemption with the Galaxy Note 8,…
    - 4 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 4:30pm -
  • Marvel reveals teaser for The Punisher on Netflix
    We’ve known for over a year now that Netflix and Marvel would continue to expand their superhero TV universe by giving The Punisher his own series following his introduction in season two of Daredevil. Now that The Defenders, the mash-up series tha…
    - 5 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 3:23pm -
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes to PS4 in January
    Outside of the hardcore Final Fantasy faithful, few will remember Dissidia, the fighting game spin-off from Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable that brings together various heroes and villains from the long-running RPG series. Now the Japanese d…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 2:32pm -
  • Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is 20 feet of electric drop-top luxury
    Last year, Mercedes-Benz revealed the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept, the closest thing you could get to a luxury yacht for the road, and now the German carmaker is back with the convertible version. Meet the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, a…
    - 8 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:45pm -
  • Google search results on Android get auto-playing video previews
    The feature we first saw hints of weeks ago has started to go live on Android. The company is introducing video previews in its search results on mobile, causing videos to auto-play once they load. Though they’re just arriving on Android at the mom…
    - 20 hours ago, 19 Aug 17, 12:12am -
  • Apple Pay support disabled for websites selling neo-nazi gear
    Certain white supremacists websites can no longer accept payments using Apple Pay following Apple’s disabling of the support. Apple confirmed the news this week via a spokesperson, who pointed toward the Apple Pay guidelines that prohibit use for s…
    - 21 hours ago, 18 Aug 17, 11:33pm -