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  • China's Road to Electric-Car Domination Is Driven in Part by Batteries
    Batteries have emerged as a critical front in China’s campaign to be the global leader in electric vehicles, but foreign auto makers and experts say it has set up the market to favor domestic suppliers.
    - 7 hours ago, 21 Oct 17, 2:00pm -
  • FAA Steps Up Warnings on Lithium Battery Fire Hazards
    The FAA has stepped up warnings about potential major fire hazards for airliners stemming from overheating laptop batteries in checked baggage, even as President Donald Trump’s administration is putting another federal agency in charge of handling…
    - 8 hours ago, 21 Oct 17, 1:55pm -
  • Big Oil Set for Bumper Profits Despite Cheap Crude
    When some of the world’s largest energy companies report earnings next week, it will provide a glimpse into whether they are improving profitability as oil prices continue to hover around $50 a barrel.
    - 10 hours ago, 21 Oct 17, 11:00am -
  • Activist Investor to Push Nestlé for Further Changes
    Activist investor Daniel Loeb praised Nestlé’s recent moves to raise shareholder value but indicated he will continue to push the packaged foods giant to make further changes.
    - 11 hours ago, 21 Oct 17, 10:04am -
  • Trump Signals Yellen Still a Top Fed Candidate After Meeting This Week
    Donald Trump signaled that Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen remains a strong candidate to be renominated for the job after the two met this week, saying he liked her “a lot,” while also highlighting John Taylor and Jerome Powell as front-runners.
    - 18 hours ago, 21 Oct 17, 3:56am -
  • Tencent's 'Honor of Kings' Tries to Crack the U.S.
    China’s Tencent is banking on a successful launch abroad for ‘Honor of Kings,’ but the hit smartphone game faces an uphill battle in the U.S., where the company can’t lean on its popular messaging apps to hook players.
    - 21 hours ago, 20 Oct 17, 11:59pm -
  • With Workers Split Over Trump, Unions Look to Bridge the Divide
    At the largest meeting of organized labor next week, U.S. unions are shutting out politicians so they can determine who their friends are.
    - 1 day ago, 20 Oct 17, 8:58pm -
  • Merck to Shed Some U.S. Sales Reps to Cut Costs
    Merck & Co. said it is laying off nearly 7% of its U.S. workforce in a reorganization the company says will cut costs and shift focus to products with growth potential.
    - 1 day ago, 20 Oct 17, 8:53pm -

Robert Reich

  • Why We Must All Fightfor the Dream Act.By repealing DACA...
    Why We Must All Fightfor the Dream Act.By repealing DACA – Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals – Trump has endangered both these young immigrants and the economic security of America.In 2012, theObama  administration created DACA as a tem…
    - 2 days ago, 19 Oct 17, 3:22pm -
  • Is Trump Unraveling?
    Last week, SenatorBob Corker, theRepublican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,...
    - 9 days ago, 13 Oct 17, 1:22am -
    WHY THE REPUBLICAN TAX PLAN IS MORE FAILED TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS*Trump andconservatives in Congress are planning a big tax cut for millionaires andbillionaires. To justify it they’re using the oldest song in their playbook,claiming tax cuts on…
    - 11 days ago, 10 Oct 17, 11:35pm -
  • Trump and Weinstein
    Donald Trump weighed in on the scandal engulfing movie mogul and Democratic funder Harvey Weinstein,...
    - 12 days ago, 9 Oct 17, 3:25pm -
  • WHY WE NEED SANCTUARY STATESCalifornia lawmakers have just...
    WHY WE NEED SANCTUARY STATESCalifornia lawmakers have just passed “sanctuary state”legislation – the first state since Oregon, which 30 years ago passed a lawpreventing state agencies from targeting undocumented immigrants solely becauseof t…
    - 14 days ago, 7 Oct 17, 10:52pm -
  • Memo to Tillerson about the Moron
    To: Rex TillersonFrom: Robert ReichSubject: The MoronI can understand why you feel Washington is a...
    - 15 days ago, 6 Oct 17, 5:59pm -
  • The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump
    Announcement: Donald Trump is nolonger the president of the United States Oh sure, he has the title...
    - 21 days ago, 30 Sep 17, 10:34pm -

Naked Capitalism

Overcoming Bias

  • Yay Stability Rents
    Six years ago I posted on the idea of using combinatorial auctions as a substitute for zoning. Since then, news on how badly zoning has been messing up our economy has only gotten worse. I included the zoning combo auction … Continue reading →
    - 1 day ago, 20 Oct 17, 5:15pm -
  • Markets That Explain, Via Markets To Pick A Best
    I recently heard someone say “A disadvantage of prediction markets is that they don’t explain their estimates.” I responded: “But why couldn’t they?” That feature may cost you more, and it hasn’t been explored much in research or develo…
    - 7 days ago, 14 Oct 17, 10:10pm -
  • A Wonk’s First Question
    Imagine you are considering a career as a paid policy wonk. You wonder which policy area to work in, and which institutions to affiliate with. If you want to influence actual policy, rather than just enjoying money and status, your … Continue readi…
    - 12 days ago, 10 Oct 17, 1:50am -
  • Reply to Christiano on AI Risk
    Paul Christiano was one of those who encouraged me to respond to non-foom AI risk concerns. Here I respond to two of his posts he directed me to. The first one says we should worry about the following scenario: Imagine … Continue reading →
    - 19 days ago, 2 Oct 17, 9:45pm -
  • An Outside View of AI Control
    I’ve written much on my skepticism of local AI foom (= intelligence explosion). Recently I said that foom offers the main justification I understand for AI risk efforts now, as well as being the main choice of my Twitter followers … Continue read…
    - 20 days ago, 1 Oct 17, 9:00pm -
  • Dealism, Futarchy, and Hypocrisy
    Many people analyze and discuss the policies that might be chosen by organizations such as governments, charities, clubs, and firms. We economists have a standard set of tools to help with such analysis, and in many contexts a good economist … Cont…
    - 22 days ago, 29 Sep 17, 3:15pm -
  • Harnessing Polarization
    Human status competition can be wasteful. For example, often many athletes all work hard to win a contest, yet if they had all worked only half as hard, the best one could still have won. Many human societies, however, have … Continue reading →
    - 24 days ago, 27 Sep 17, 6:40pm -
  • City Travel Scaling
    Here’s a fascinating factoid I found in Geoffrey West’s new book Scale: An extremely simple but very powerful mathematical result for the movement of people in cities. .. Consider any location in a city. .. predicts how many people visit … Cont…
    - 25 days ago, 26 Sep 17, 7:30pm -
  • Humans Cells In Multicellular Future Minds?
    In general, adaptive systems vary along an axis from general to specific. A more general system works better (either directly or after further adaptation) in a wider range of environments, and also with a wider range of other adapting systems. … Co…
    - 30 days ago, 21 Sep 17, 9:00pm -
  • Prediction Markets Update
    Prediction markets continue to offer great potential to improve society at many levels. Their greatest promise lies in helping organizations to better aggregate info to enable better key decisions. However, while such markets have consistently perfor…
    - 33 days ago, 19 Sep 17, 1:45am -

Information Arbitrage

  • Recycling: The challenge and the opportunity for a Seed stage VC
    My recent post gave rise to a host of questions around the issue of recycling. What does it mean? How do you do it? And what are the implications for venture investors? I attempted to respond in a Tweetstorm, but recycling is a complicated issue that…
    - 5 Oct 16, 8:48pm -
  • The TTD Investment and the IA Ventures Model
    A Little HistoryIA Ventures began life a little less than seven years ago, just as the world was coming out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The term “Micro VC” had yet to be coined. “Big Data” was still somewhat myste…
    - 29 Sep 16, 1:25am -
  • Welcoming John to IA
    Brad, Jesse and I are happy to announce that our friend and colleague, John Hadl, is joining IA Ventures as Venture Partner, effective immediately. We have personally gotten to know John over the past four years due to our shared investment in PlaceI…
    - 12 Mar 15, 8:29pm -
  • Crowdfunding for start-ups: A durable trend or a bull market phenomenon?
    Angel investing is red hot as is the concept of crowdfunding start up investment. Part of this phenomenon has been driven by the emergence of AngelList, the brainchild of Naval Ravikant. What started out as a way for a curated set of angels to inves…
    - 23 Nov 14, 10:44pm -
  • Financial interaction: the next generation
    I have spent over 25 years creating, processing and analyzing financial transactions. I like studying them - a lot - whether an outgrowth of my time on Wall Street helping sophisticated entities manage risks, or through IA Ventures’ investments in…
    - 25 Feb 14, 10:43pm -
  • IA Ventures: Reflections on 2013
    2013 was a very different kind of year for IA Ventures. While the years 2010-12 were characterized by 8-10 new investments per year, in 2013 we invested in only three new companies: Data Robot; Digital Ocean (DO) and Sight Machine (SM). Digital Ocean…
    - 3 Jan 14, 8:28pm -
  • “If you can’t do something willingly and joyfully, then don’t do it. If you give...
    “If you can’t do something willingly and joyfully, then don’t do it. If you give up drinking, don’t go moaning about it; go back on the bottle. Do. As. Thou. Wilt." - The late Peter O'Toole
    - 16 Dec 13, 1:05pm -
  • Venture Capital and "Innovation"
    Many have recently been critical of the role of the venture industry in financing “true innovation.” The narrative goes something like this: “VCs are like lemmings, flocking to the latest consumer wave (mobile chat, ride-sharing, etc.) in searc…
    - 16 Dec 13, 2:41am -
  • Evidence is mounting that people at the bottom are increasingly stuck without skills or pathways to...
    Evidence is mounting that people at the bottom are increasingly stuck without skills or pathways to rise. Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that in the 1980s, 21 percent of Americans in the bottom income quintile would rise to…
    - 15 Dec 13, 1:51pm -
  • Soft is the new Hard
    I live in a world where engineering and technical talent is valued above all others, where the Holy Grail is a “coding ninja” who can crank out oodles of elegant code at a breakneck pace. These people speak a language that is distinct and only un…
    - 14 Nov 13, 4:32am -