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  • Samsonite Needs to Make Its Case
    Suitcase maker Samsonite has questions to answer about its accounting practices.
    - 10 hours ago, 25 May 18, 10:15am -
  • Best Buy: Don't Touch That Omni-Channel
    Best Buy beat analyst forecasts on Thursday but the stock sank in what seems to be a misguided reaction to slowing online sales.
    - 11 hours ago, 25 May 18, 9:30am -
  • Celgene's Buybacks Are Coming Up Empty
    Celgene’s shares rose after the biotech company announced an accelerated stock repurchase, but the pace of Celgene’s buybacks shouldn’t do much to reassure investors.
    - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 6:27pm -
  • Why the Property Industry Isn't Buying WeWork
    WeWork has convinced tech investors that short-term office rentals are the next big thing, and well worth a high price. Savvy real-estate investors also like that business, but not at WeWork’s valuation.
    - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 10:04am -
  • Ralph Lauren Refreshes Its Faded Jeans
    Ralph Lauren shares jumped as the company beat analyst expectations and showed investors evidence that its turnaround efforts may finally take hold.
    - 1 day ago, 24 May 18, 9:40am -
  • It's U.S. Trade Policy---Not Car Makers---That's Spinning Off Course
    The Trump administration is mulling new tariffs on imported vehicles and auto parts. That hasn’t yet wrecked Asian car makers’ share prices. But it has driven the U.S.’s trade policy even further off-road—and investors in major Japanese and S…
    - 2 days ago, 24 May 18, 6:44am -
  • Turning GE's Sacred Cows Into Hamburger
    General Electric boss John Flannery sent shares tumbling with revelations about profitability and the dividend.
    - 2 days ago, 24 May 18, 1:37am -
  • Barclays-Standard Chartered? I Can't Even…
    A merger between U.K.-based banks Barclays and Standard Chartered, as reported in British media, would be a massive strategic U-turn for both lenders.
    - 2 days ago, 23 May 18, 2:49pm -

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Robert Reich

    THINKING BEYOND TRUMP: WHY WE NEED A FEDERAL JOBS GUARANTEEWe must not forget the economic frustrations that helped fuel Trump’s election.  For too long, too many Americans have faced lousy jobs or no jobs. One answer: A guaranteed job at a living…
    - 3 days ago, 22 May 18, 3:09pm -
  • Trump’s Curious Coalition
    Trump’s strategy for keeping power is to build up his coalition of America’s white working class and...
    - 5 days ago, 20 May 18, 5:26pm -
  • HOW TO END PARTISAN GERRYMANDERINGOne of the biggest challenges...
    HOW TO END PARTISAN GERRYMANDERINGOne of the biggest challenges to our democracy occurs when states draw congressional district lines with the principal goal of helping one political party and hurting the other. It’s called “partisan gerrymander…
    - 7 days ago, 19 May 18, 2:42am -
  • Trump’s Drug Pricing Scam
    Trump promised to rein in drug prices. It was his only sensible campaign promise. But the plan he...
    - 14 days ago, 11 May 18, 9:10pm -
  • The Financial Hardships of Trump’s Friends
    The Environmental Protection Agencyrecently granted to an oil refinery owned by Carl Icahn a...
    - 18 days ago, 7 May 18, 4:47pm -
  • THE MONOPOLIZATION OF AMERICA: The Biggest Economic Problem...
    THE MONOPOLIZATION OF AMERICA: The Biggest Economic Problem You’re Hearing Almost Nothing AboutNot long ago I visited some farmers in Missouri whose profitsare disappearing. Why? Monsanto alone owns the key genetic traits to more than90 percent o…
    - 19 days ago, 7 May 18, 1:26am -
  • How To Stop Trump
    Why did working class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic,...
    - 27 days ago, 29 Apr 18, 12:53am -

Naked Capitalism

Overcoming Bias

  • Why Not Thought Crime?
    I was alarmed to find a quotation supporting child rapists falsely attributed to me & going viral on Twitter. … messages shaming me for supporting child rapists. … I tweeted a clarification about the falsehood to no avail. (more) Galileo’s ……
    - 3 days ago, 23 May 18, 12:20am -
  • Revival Prizes
    Cryonics is the process of having your body frozen when current medicine gives up on you, and calls you “dead”, in the hope of being revived later using much better future medicine. Even though cryonics has been available for many … Continue re…
    - 14 days ago, 11 May 18, 12:45pm -
  • Radical Markets
    In 1997, I got my Ph.D. in social science from Caltech. The topic that drew me into grad school, and much of what I studied, was mechanism and institution design: how to redesign social practices and institutions. Economists and related … Continue…
    - 15 days ago, 10 May 18, 9:15pm -
  • Skip Value Signals
    Consider the following two polls I recently held on Twitter: Imagine argument for non-normative (= factual) claim on policy-relevant topic. For you to be willing to engage it, author must in essay explicitly affirm related values shared by most peopl…
    - 16 days ago, 9 May 18, 7:20pm -
  • Why Economics Is, And Should Be, Creepy
    Hostile questioners tried to trap Jesus into taking an explicit and dangerous stand on whether Jews should or should not pay taxes to the Roman authorities. … Jesus first called them hypocrites, and then asked one of them to produce … Continue re…
    - 24 days ago, 2 May 18, 4:20am -
  • A Pullable Thread of the Social Fabric
    Political polarization has been long increasing in the U.S., where it also seems unusually high for a rich nation. As one side has dominated the heights of tech, culture, media, law, and academia, and our urban centers of wealth, the … Continue rea…
    - 26 days ago, 29 Apr 18, 3:15pm -
  • Aaronson on Caplan
    Scott Aaronson just reviewed Caplan’s Case Against Education. He seems to accept most of Caplan’s specific analysis and claims: It’s true that a large fraction of what passes for education doesn’t deserve the name—even if, as a practical ma…
    - 28 days ago, 27 Apr 18, 7:45pm -
  • Two Types of Envy
    I’ve long puzzled over the fact that most of the concern I hear expressed on inequality is about the smallest of (at least) seven kinds: income inequality between the families of a nation at a time (IIBFNAT). Expressed concern has … Continue read…
    - 29 days ago, 26 Apr 18, 3:30pm -
  • Mysterious Motivation
    Our lives are full of evidence that we don’t understand what motivates us. Kevin Simler and I recently published a book arguing that even though we humans are built to readily and confidently explain our motivations regarding pretty much everything…
    - 32 days ago, 23 Apr 18, 8:00pm -
  • Prediction Machines
    One of my favorite books of the dotcom era was Information Rules, by Shapiro and Varian in 1998. At the time, tech boosters were saying that all the old business rules were obsolete, and anyone who disagreed “just doesn’t get … Continue reading…
    - 35 days ago, 20 Apr 18, 6:33pm -

Information Arbitrage

  • Recycling: The challenge and the opportunity for a Seed stage VC
    My recent post gave rise to a host of questions around the issue of recycling. What does it mean? How do you do it? And what are the implications for venture investors? I attempted to respond in a Tweetstorm, but recycling is a complicated issue that…
    - 5 Oct 16, 8:48pm -
  • The TTD Investment and the IA Ventures Model
    A Little HistoryIA Ventures began life a little less than seven years ago, just as the world was coming out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The term “Micro VC” had yet to be coined. “Big Data” was still somewhat myste…
    - 29 Sep 16, 1:25am -
  • Welcoming John to IA
    Brad, Jesse and I are happy to announce that our friend and colleague, John Hadl, is joining IA Ventures as Venture Partner, effective immediately. We have personally gotten to know John over the past four years due to our shared investment in PlaceI…
    - 12 Mar 15, 8:29pm -
  • Crowdfunding for start-ups: A durable trend or a bull market phenomenon?
    Angel investing is red hot as is the concept of crowdfunding start up investment. Part of this phenomenon has been driven by the emergence of AngelList, the brainchild of Naval Ravikant. What started out as a way for a curated set of angels to inves…
    - 23 Nov 14, 10:44pm -
  • Financial interaction: the next generation
    I have spent over 25 years creating, processing and analyzing financial transactions. I like studying them - a lot - whether an outgrowth of my time on Wall Street helping sophisticated entities manage risks, or through IA Ventures’ investments in…
    - 25 Feb 14, 10:43pm -
  • IA Ventures: Reflections on 2013
    2013 was a very different kind of year for IA Ventures. While the years 2010-12 were characterized by 8-10 new investments per year, in 2013 we invested in only three new companies: Data Robot; Digital Ocean (DO) and Sight Machine (SM). Digital Ocean…
    - 3 Jan 14, 8:28pm -
  • “If you can’t do something willingly and joyfully, then don’t do it. If you give...
    “If you can’t do something willingly and joyfully, then don’t do it. If you give up drinking, don’t go moaning about it; go back on the bottle. Do. As. Thou. Wilt." - The late Peter O'Toole
    - 16 Dec 13, 1:05pm -
  • Venture Capital and "Innovation"
    Many have recently been critical of the role of the venture industry in financing “true innovation.” The narrative goes something like this: “VCs are like lemmings, flocking to the latest consumer wave (mobile chat, ride-sharing, etc.) in searc…
    - 16 Dec 13, 2:41am -
  • Evidence is mounting that people at the bottom are increasingly stuck without skills or pathways to...
    Evidence is mounting that people at the bottom are increasingly stuck without skills or pathways to rise. Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that in the 1980s, 21 percent of Americans in the bottom income quintile would rise to…
    - 15 Dec 13, 1:51pm -
  • Soft is the new Hard
    I live in a world where engineering and technical talent is valued above all others, where the Holy Grail is a “coding ninja” who can crank out oodles of elegant code at a breakneck pace. These people speak a language that is distinct and only un…
    - 14 Nov 13, 4:32am -