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  • When Your Dog’s Begging Is a Problem
    You may or may not know exactly when it happened, but at some point in time, you or some member of your family introduced your puppy to human food.It may have involved sharing a snack with this irresistibly cute new member of the family…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Feb 17, 12:30am -
  • Training a Puppy - Avoiding Common Mistakes
    As cute and lovable as they are, training a puppy can be a difficult and frustrating task. One of the first mistakes that many new puppy owners make is failing to begin training as soon as the new puppy is home.It is tempting to let a cute…
    - 4 days ago, 20 Feb 17, 12:00am -
  • House Puppy Training - Tips for House Training
    It is unlikely that most people will be able to watch their puppy 24 hours a day. Because of this, the house puppy training process takes at least six months. It involves patience and commitment, as well as consistency. The first thing th…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 12:30am -
  • Dog Training Methods - Determining the Best Method for Your Dog
    There are almost as many dog training methods as there are breeds of dogs. Of course, not every method is as effective as the next and some simply do not work at all.Additionally, different methods are available for different purposes. Fo…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 12:00am -
  • House Break a Puppy - How to Get Started
    Consistency is the name of the game when you house break a puppy. However, what should you be consistent in? The answer is simple…everything.Whether you are training your dog to eliminate outside or in a designated area inside, you must…
    - 9 days ago, 15 Feb 17, 1:30am -