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  • How to Reassure Someone

    How to Reassure SomeoneIf someone you care about is feeling anxious or insecure, you probably want to do something to lift their spirits. Simply being there and showing concern can make a world of difference. Reassure someone you care about by simply being present, displa… 3 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 4:00pm

  • How to Dry Your Hair Fast

    How to Dry Your Hair FastDrying your hair can be a lengthy process, especially if you have long, thick hair that requires more effort to style, and it can get even more difficult when you’re pressed for time. There are several ways to dry your hair faster than usual, inclu… 11 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 8:00am

  • How to Find Blogs

    How to Find BlogsThese days, there are blogs for just about every topic under the sun. Whether you want political news, woodworking ideas, or makeup tips, you can find a knowledgeable blogger who has plenty of information to share. But with so many blog out there, it… 19 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 12:00am

  • How to Eat in Moderation

    How to Eat in ModerationThankfully fads--like cabbage diets and weight-loss shakes--are becoming things of the past! Now fitness experts, nutritionists, and health-conscious celebrities all tout the benefits of eating in moderation. Extreme diets are simply unsustainable. B… 1 day ago, 21 Nov 17, 4:00pm

  • How to Buy Wholesale Clothing

    How to Buy Wholesale ClothingWhen you purchase clothing wholesale, you're usually able to get it at much cheaper prices than consumers would at store. However, buying wholesale typically means buying in bulk, which is why it's usually only done if you plan to resell the items in… 1 day ago, 21 Nov 17, 8:00am

  • How to Stay Healthy when Working from Home

    How to Stay Healthy when Working from HomeIf you have the luxury and convenience of working from home, it is much easier to maintain a steady commitment to your health as opposed to working in an office, which brings with it the stress of gridlocked traffic commutes, fattening vending machin… 2 days ago, 21 Nov 17, 12:00am


  • Fail of the Week: Cheap Chips Cause Chaos

    Fail of the Week: Cheap Chips Cause ChaosWe all know the old saw: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. But nowhere does this rule seem to break down as regularly as when we order parts. Bangood, AliExpress, and eBay are flooded with parts ready to be magically transported across t… 2 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 4:30pm

  • Skin (Effect) in the Game

    Skin (Effect) in the GameWe love to pretend like our components are perfect. Resistors don’t have capacitance or inductance. Wires conduct electricity perfectly. The reality, though, is far from this. It is easy to realize that wire will have some small resistance. For the… 4 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 3:00pm

  • Hacking A K40 Laser Cutter

    Hacking A K40 Laser CutterThe distinctive blue-and-white enclosure of the Chinese-made K40 laser cutter has become a common sight in workshops and hackerspaces, as they represent the cheapest route to a working cutter that can be found. It’s fair to say though that they are… 7 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 12:00pm

  • Roll Your Own Rotary Tool

    Roll Your Own Rotary ToolRotary tools are great little handheld powerhouses that fill the void between manual tools and larger shop machines. They’re also kind of expensive for what they are, which is essentially a power circuit, a switch, and a high-RPM motor with a tool… 10 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 9:00am

  • Reanimating Boney the Robot Dog

    Reanimating Boney the Robot Dog[Divconstructors] cashed in after Halloween and picked up a skeleton dog prop from the Home Depot, for the simple and logical purpose of turning it into a robot.The first step was to cut apart the various body parts, followed by adding bearings to t… 13 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 6:00am

  • A look at Chinese Value Engineering

    A look at Chinese Value EngineeringSeventy cents doesn’t buy you a lot these days. Maybe some sweets or candies at most. How about a string of LEDs that you can use to decorate your home during the festive season? [Amaldev] was curious to know what was, or wasn’t, inside these bli… 16 hours ago, 22 Nov 17, 3:00am

Step By Step

  •  How to Spot Fake Herschel Backpacks

     How to Spot Fake Herschel BackpacksWhen it comes to backpacks, nothing screams quality like the Herschel brand. Even so, the brand has gained much popularity over the past years, which by reason of its success, unfortunately, has led to numerous production of counterfeit versions by s… 20 Jun 16, 4:27pm

  • How to Spot Fake Longchamp Hand Bags

    How to Spot Fake Longchamp Hand BagsIf the Longchamp brand is a beloved designer brand of yours,  then picking up cheap knockoff  is the last thing you want to encounter. Over the past years, counterfeit versions of the Longchamp designer bags have been spotted, produced in large qua… 20 Jun 16, 4:27pm

  • Thoughts of a Guy on the First Date

    Thoughts of a Guy on the First DateKnowing how to act and comport yourself will help you achieve your dream date at the end of the day.  There are so many factors guys consider when on a date with a lady and there's a good chance, none of them include what you are thinking. A lot of… 20 Jun 16, 4:22pm

  • How to Boost your Self-Esteem

    How to Boost your Self-EsteemSelf-esteem is the value you put on yourself i.e how you determine your self-worth in every sphere of life. It has everything to do with how you see yourself which goes a long way to determining how people see you. This perception affects many things… 20 Jun 16, 4:16pm

  • +How to Spot Fake Puma Shoes

    +How to Spot Fake Puma ShoesPuma shoes are fine foot wears that look good on people that know their value. However, before finally settling for any Puma style of your choice, you’ll want to take precautionary measures in order to avoid taking home with you a fake pair. Whethe… 20 Jun 16, 12:00am

  • +Ten Things that can Destroy Your Marriage

    +Ten Things that can Destroy Your MarriageMarriage is two-way street that requires effort from both ends in order to make it work and most of all, last. Marriage is supposed to be a life-long and beautiful experience. The last thing married couples want from the on start of their marriage, i… 20 Jun 16, 12:00am